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Camp Reports Power Rankings

Week One NFL Top Ten

1.    New York Giants – The champs get the top spot.  Staying healthy at the skill positions is going to [...]

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Our Symbolic Obsession

I can’t recall exactly when I started rooting for Penn State.  I was very young and it was too long [...]


Round One Draft Notes

The Winners: The Colts didn’t overthink this thing like some teams might have.   Sometimes it is as as easy as [...]

Power Rankings

Final Regular Season NFL Top 10

Green Bay Packers – (1) – Aaron Rodgers didn’t play, and they still beat the Lions.  They are the favorites [...]

Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings – Week 17

Green Bay Packers – (1) – There are health issues on the offensive line and areas to be exploited on [...]


NFL Power Rankings

Green Bay Packers – (1) – The undefeated dream is dead, but the NFC Championship will still run through Green [...]


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