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Eagles Slide, Bryce Huff Conundrum; Other NFL Thoughts

– The end of the 2023 season has several teams fading as the playoffs begin. The most prominent among teams slipping are the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have lost five of six games as the playoffs start. Miami is also trending downward. The Dolphins have lost two straight and three of their last five. The… Read more

Trade Down or Stand Ground: The New York Jets Crucial Decision in the 2024 NFL Draft

2023 New York Jets Several things went wrong in 2023 for the New York Jets. The most devastating event was Aaron Rodgers being injured during the first series of the first game of the year. Teams simply do not recover from losing their starting quarterback. All thoughts of a Super Bowl berth were crushed on… Read more

NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) – Playoff Edition

As the 2023 NFL season heads into the playoffs, we rank the top contenders and underdogs in our latest NFL Power Rankings. From the rest-ready Ravens and 49ers to our own Jets, see who’s hot and who’s not as we approach the postseason showdowns. Baltimore Ravens (13-4) Last Week 1 The Ravens will essentially have… Read more

New York Jets vs New England Patriots; The Season Finale

That was arguably the worst possible week to play the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is playing their best football of the season. The Browns have gotten comfortable with Joe Flacco at quarterback and, more importantly, Flacco has gotten comfortable in the Brown’s offense. The Cleveland defense has been solid all season, and it is now feeding… Read more

Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco, Israel Abanikanda and other NFL thoughts.

Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco, Israel Abanikanda and other NFL thoughts. – The Jets front office deserves criticism for several things. One thing they do not deserve any heat for is their decision to let Joe Flacco go. Flacco played in five games for the Jets 2022. He threw five touchdown passes and three interceptions. Those… Read more

NFL Power Rankings; NY Jets Continue to Tumble

As the 2023 NFL season heads into its penultimate week, the battle for supremacy intensifies. Week Seventeen unveils a fascinating landscape of power shifts and playoff potentials, from the dominant Baltimore Ravens securing their top spot to the unexpected rise of teams like the Detroit Lions. In our latest JetNation NFL Power Rankings, we delve… Read more

NY Jets Face Tough Challenge Against Surging Browns: Thursday Night Showdown

The NY Jets won for the second time in three weeks on Sunday at home against the Commanders. That may be spinning things a bit as the Jets were blanked at home by Miami between those two wins, and they nearly blew a big lead and lost to Washington, but a win is a win… Read more

Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, Joe Flacco & Other NFL Thoughts

Get ready for a unique blend of perspectives on the NFL, featuring Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, Joe Flacco, and other prominent figures. Dive into our latest thoughts on the league’s dynamics, playoff scenarios, and underdog stories as we navigate through an exciting NFL season full of surprises and remarkable turnarounds. I would normally be all… Read more

NFL Power Rankings 2023 Week 16; NY Jets at 28

Stay updated with the latest NFL Power Rankings for 2023 Week 17. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the dynamic shifts and surprises of the season, with special focus on the NY Jets at rank 28. Explore our insights and analysis on teams like the Baltimore Ravens leading the charge and the unexpected rise… Read more

Instability Isn’t the Result of Losing; Losing is the Result of Instability (New York Jets Edition)

The best thing we can say about the New York Jets trip to Miami on Sunday is that it is over. It is hard to find anything to highlight in the Jet’s play. Nothing went well; nothing worked; and the game was decided early. Let’s move on. The Jets host the Commanders this week in… Read more

NFL 2023 Analysis; QB Play is Poor

NFL 2023 Analysis – Quarterback play has never been this poor in my lifetime, new lows are being set in the NFL 2023. Only half the teams in the league have what I would consider a capable player at quarterback on their roster. I can’t remember so many quarterbacks coming out of retirement or right… Read more

NFL Power Rankings 2023 Week 16; NY Jets Fall to 28

Check out JetNation’s latest NFL Power Rankings for Week 15 of the 2023 season. Brock Purdy has the 49ers in the # 1 spot, with the Ravens and Dolphins both climbing. Who else is climbing the ranks, and who’s slipping? Find out now on 1. San Francisco 49ers (11-3) Last Week: 1 The Niners… Read more

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