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NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) – Playoff Edition

Lamar Jackson

As the 2023 NFL season heads into the playoffs, we rank the top contenders and underdogs in our latest NFL Power Rankings. From the rest-ready Ravens and 49ers to our own Jets, see who’s hot and who’s not as we approach the postseason showdowns.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (13-4)
    Last Week 1
    The Ravens will essentially have two weeks rest when they hit the field again. It’s difficult to make a case for a team pulling the upset win in Baltimore in round two.
  2. San Francisco 49ers (12-5)
    Last Week: 2
    The Niners get the NFC’s top spot and, like Baltimore, will have two weeks of rest under their belt for their first playoff matchup. That’s very bad news for the NFC.
  3. Buffalo Bills (11-6)
    Last Week: 3
    The Bills won five straight, including the road finale in Miami to take the AFC East. In a big break for Buffalo, TJ Watt is not playing this weekend. There are no excuses for the Bills not to advance.
  4. Dallas Cowboys (12-5)
    Last Week: 4
    The Cowboys won easily in Washington as the Eagles completed their collapse against the Giants. Dallas needs to respect the young but capable Packers. It’s a nice matchup for Dallas who has everything to prove this offseason.
  5. Cleveland Browns (11-6)
    Last Week: 5

    The Browns got a week’s rest for the trip to Houston. Flacco and company have a real chance in the AFC.
  6. Detroit Lions (12-5)
    Last Week: 7
    The Lions are Central Division champs and will host a dangerous Los Angeles Rams team. Detroit can play with anyone and needs to show up big to handle the playoff-tested Rams.
  7. Kansas City Chiefs (11-6)
    Last Week: 8
    The forgotten champions drew luckily with the sagging Dolphins coming to town. It’s rare that the champs get to play with a chip on their shoulders, but Kansas City comes into the playoffs with low expectations.
  8. Miami Dolphins (11-6)
    Last Week: 6
    The Dolphins peaked at the wrong time. Miami needs to get healthy fast and return to their early season form to be more than one and done in the playoffs.
  9. Los Angeles Rams (10-7)
    Last Week: 10
    The Rams roll into the playoffs with four straight wins. There is a path for the Rams to make a lot of noise in the post season. They need to start by slowing Detroit’s potent offense.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (11-6)
    Last Week: 9
    The Eagles are in serious trouble. The trip to Tampa may not show it, but the cracks will be revealed in dramatic fashion in round two if they are not addressed.
  11. Houston Texans (10-7)
    Last Week: Unranked

    The Texans took the AFC South and earned a home matchup in round one. The young Texans will need to slow the Brown’s pass rush to advance.
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7)
    Last Week: Unranked
    The Steelers will be without TJ Watt in Buffalo. Mason Rudolph has been solid since getting the ball, but is he ready to win on the road in the playoffs?


  1. New York Jets (7-9)
    Last Week: 29
    The Jets ended their long losing streak against the Patriots. It’s a small consolation for a team that entered the season with such high expectations. There a not many holes to fill. If the team can develop and execute a solid offseason plan, the Jets can be a major AFC contender in 2024.
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