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Looking Back At Sunday; Zach Wilson Had a Big Game – Enjoy the Win

Well, that was fun! The Jets scored 30 points in a football game for the first time since week five. The 30 points the Jets scored were more than the total (27) they had amassed in the previous three games combined. The best thing about the blowout win over Houston is that the Jets’ previous… Read more

Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Israel Abanikanda & Other NFL Thoughts

Welcome to Week 15 and our NFL thoughts column. This week, we’re examining pivotal decisions and performances shaping the league. From the Bears’ draft strategy with Justin Fields to Baker Mayfield’s impact with the Bucs, and the Seahawks reality check against stronger teams. We’re also discussing the Patriots future, the Eagles defensive struggles, and some… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings 2023 Week 15

As the NFL season progresses into Week 15, our NFL Power Rankings evolve. From the dominant 49ers holding the top spot to the resurgence of teams like the Denver Broncos, the league showcases an array of talent and surprises. This week reveals significant shifts and emerging contenders as teams jostle for playoff positioning. Let’s dive… Read more

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard & Other NFL Thoughts

In this week’s NFL discussion, we examine unexpected turnarounds, including the Bears defensive upswing and the Broncos playoff chase. We also explore the Panthers’ coaching and roster challenges, the AFC North’s scoring struggles, the Colts’ playoff hopes with Gardner Minshew, and the Jets offensive adjustments. Additionally, we assess the impact of Aaron Rodgers preferred receivers… Read more

Israel Abanikanda, Will McDonald & Carter Warren Need More Playing Time

So, what is left for Jet fans in 2023? There are several winnable games over the last six weeks of the season on the Jets schedule. Most notable are this week’s game against the Falcons and the season finale in New England against the Patriots. The team also has a chance to audition some young… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) Week 13

As Week 13 unfolds, JetNation presents the latest NFL Power Rankings, highlighting the top ten teams shaping the league’s landscape. From the dominant Philadelphia Eagles at the top to the surging Denver Broncos, we analyze the teams’ performances, key victories, and potential challenges ahead. Also, here is a glance at the New York Jets current… Read more

Can Tim Boyle Provide an Emotional Lift for the NY Jets?

That was unpleasant to say the least. The only bright spot in the NY Jets atrocious performance against the Bills was that it finally motivated head coach Robert Saleh to put Zach Wilson on the sideline. It had to happen, Tim Boyle finally saw the field. Wilson is a bust, and I think he has… Read more

Zach Wilson, Tim Boyle & NFL Thoughts

This week, our NFL Thoughts examines recent trends. Declining quarterback and offensive line play, rising defensive back talent, and key player impact like Deshaun Watson, Trevor Lawrence, and Zach Wilson. Along with some Tim Boyle and upcoming game predictions. There are cycles to the quality of play at each position. We are in a down… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) Week 12

Check out our latest NFL Power Rankings, featuring the top 10 teams shaping the league. The Philadelphia Eagles maintain their top spot with a crucial win, while the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs jostle for dominance. Surprises from the Detroit Lions and consistent play from the Baltimore Ravens highlight the rankings. The San Francisco… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) Week 11; Jets Continue to Drop

Welcome to the JetNation NFL Power Rankings for Week Eleven of 2023. This week’s rankings highlight the league’s top contenders and rising stars as we move deeper into the season. The Philadelphia Eagles continue to dominate, while teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys are in hot pursuit. Keep an eye on under-the-radar… Read more

A Tale of Lost Opportunities: The Jets Journey from 3-3 to 4-5

The Jets journey was looking good at 3-3 after stunning the Eagles. It was a great win and it sparked optimism for the rest of the season. Three weeks later the Jets are out of playoff contention. If the three teams the Jets played over the last three weeks were to create a new team… Read more

NFL Thoughts; New York Jets Playoff Chances

Week Ten in the NFL brought significant developments and surprises. The Buffalo Bills are facing unexpected challenges, while the New York Giants struggle with injuries and performance. CJ Stroud is emerging as a standout rookie, and the Dallas Cowboys are showing their strength. The Minnesota Vikings are adapting well despite losing their starting quarterback. For… Read more

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