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NFL Power Rankings 2023 Week 16; NY Jets at 28

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Stay updated with the latest NFL Power Rankings for 2023 Week 17. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the dynamic shifts and surprises of the season, with special focus on the NY Jets at rank 28. Explore our insights and analysis on teams like the Baltimore Ravens leading the charge and the unexpected rise of the Detroit Lions. Join us at JetNation for an in-depth look at the NFL Power Rankings as the season nears its climax.

1. Baltimore Ravens (12-3)
Last Week 2
All hail the Baltimore Ravens! Baltimore easily took down the Niners in San Francisco. They can lock up home field and show us home much distance there is between them and the rest of the AFC with a home win this week against Miami.

2. San Francisco 49ers (11-4)
Last Week: 1
The Niners are not perfect after all. San Francisco needs to find and remedy the holes exposed by the Ravens. They are still the prohibitive favorites in the NFC, but the air of invincibility that has surrounded them for several weeks has certainly faded.

3. Miami Dolphins (11-4)
Last Week: 3
The Dolphins got the win in the matchup of teams who haven’t beaten anyone. Miami can truly quiet their doubters by going into Baltimore this week and upending the Ravens.

4. Detroit Lions (11-4)
Last Week: 6
The Lions are in the playoffs for the first time since 2016. Detroit has a chance at home field for the playoffs, but they will need some help.

5. Buffalo Bills (9-6)
Last Week: 7
The Bills struggled but won against the Chargers. It’s hard to know exactly how good Buffalo is right now, but they have a chance against anyone if Josh Allen is healthy.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (11-4)
Last Week: 8
The Eagles wanted a blowout win. They didn’t get it, so questions linger. Most teams would like to be 11-4 and have the questions that Philadelphia has.

7. Dallas Cowboys (10-5)
Last Week: 4
The Cowboys are not going to win multiple games on the road in the playoffs. They have shown no indication that they can do it.

8. Cleveland Browns (10-5)
Last Week: 9
The Browns have some pop in their offense with Flacco under center. The Jets are the best Flacco has faced thus far. It will tell us something about how things will look for the Browns in the playoffs.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6)
Last Week: 5
The Chiefs are struggling. Someone needs to step up on offense and be the receiver complement to tight end Travis Kelce. Kansas City has needed that all year, and nobody has stepped up.

10. Los Angeles Rams (8-7)
Last Week: Unranked
The Rams will be an unwanted guest in the playoffs. There is enough talent on this roster to upset anyone in the NFC.
28. New York Jets (6-9)
Last Week: 28
The Jets got a win against bottom-dwelling Washington. It’s time for the young guys to play the majority of the minutes. There is nothing left to play for but pride and experience for 2024.

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