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Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, Joe Flacco & Other NFL Thoughts

Aaron Rodgers

Get ready for a unique blend of perspectives on the NFL, featuring Aaron Rodgers, Garrett Wilson, Joe Flacco, and other prominent figures. Dive into our latest thoughts on the league’s dynamics, playoff scenarios, and underdog stories as we navigate through an exciting NFL season full of surprises and remarkable turnarounds.

I would normally be all about a story like Tommy DeVito’s, but the full-court press by everyone in his camp and the media ruined it for me. I am looking forward to following the league again without an update on “Tommy Cutlets”.

This year’s push for the NFL playoffs has a definite NHL feel. Without a dominant power, the idea that anyone can win it is truer than in any recent season. Home-field may not mean as much as the playoffs play out.

 I hope Antonio Pierce is named the head coach of the Raiders. If Mark Davis learned anything from his father, I hope it’s that frequent coaching changes are a losing battle plan. Pierce seems to have won over the locker room, and those close to him say he’s among the smartest football minds they know.

I am rooting for the Detroit Lions to win the Super Bowl. Very few fan bases can rival the level of pain inflicted by the New York Jets, but the Detroit faithful are as long-suffering as any. The Lions have never won a Super Bowl, and they have not made the playoffs since 2016. In 90 seasons, Detroit has only made the playoffs 17 times. If Detroit doesn’t take it, I’m all in on the Cleveland Browns.

The Jets get another prime-time game this week. The Cleveland Brown’s have one of the league’s best defenses. I am not sure who will be asked to block Myles Garrett, but I don’t see it working out too well for New York.

Joe Flacco’s return to relevance is a great story. Despite Flacco’s strong play, it was the right call by the Jets to let him go. The Jets could not protect him, so he was never going to play well for New York. Cleveland has a solid offensive line, and with Flacco healthy and one of the league’s best defenses, Cleveland could make a miracle run in January.

The Jets scored 30 points for the second time in three weeks. The more Breece Hall is involved, the more success the Jet’s offense has. Scoring 30 against Cleveland on Thursday would be a shock. If the offense can manage to score 21, the Jets have a chance to wreck the Browns post-season.

Aaron Rodgers gets criticized for a whole host of things, many of which are deserved. He should not have been ripped this last week for being activated from the injury list. The activation meant that the Jets had to send a player from the active roster and to the practice squad. Pro football teams aren’t charity operations. If you’re good enough, you are not going to be the guy being sent to the practice squad so that another player can be activated. In addition, Rodgers said he asked to remain on the IR and the team overruled him.

Somehow, someway, Garrett Wilson is going to post 1,000 yards receiving for the year. Wilson will not get a sniff for any type of postseason accolade after winning the Rookie of the Year award last season. In this season full of atrocious quarterback and offensive line play for the Jets, Wilson should be recognized for managing to contribute and continue his productive play on the outside.



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