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NY Jets players discuss replacing Pace

On Monday New York Jets linebackers Bryan Thomas and Vernon Gholston discussed replacing the injured Calvin Pace.  Here are their quotes courtesy of the New York Jets.

Bryan Thomas

On what he will be taking over for Calvin Pace…
“(I’m taking over) just a lot of the covering he was doing out there, as far as, man-to-man and doing some of that stuff. I’ll be taking over a lot of the things that JT (Jason Taylor) is still trying to learn, (so) it won’t be so complicated (and he can) just go out and do his thing.”

On if he will be moving to Pace’s actual position…

“It’s not like that. It isn’t flip-flopping. It’s not just, ‘Ok, I’m going to play Calvin’s side.’ I don’t know if you all have noticed, but Calvin and me, a lot of times, we just switch sides. Once the formation breaks, (you) just stay on your side and go from there because we both knew both sides (of the formation). Now, I have to do a lot of stuff, (but) JT knows a lot of that as well, so we’ll just go from there. It’s just having JT step up faster than most people expected.”

On how having interchangeable parts on defense helps in an injury situation…
“That’s when it really works. When you first come in, Rex (Ryan), Mike Pettine and all the defensive coaches have you line up (on) both sides. Just in case something like this happens, you already know both positions (and) both sides-the strong and the weakside outside linebacker position. JT knows a lot
of that stuff anyway. Calvin going down is a big void in the defense, but still you know you have someone that can step up and fill that role.”

On having to fill Pace’s role..
“I was going to go out there and play my position, regardless. Now, there’s a lot of things that Calvin was doing that I wasn’t doing in the defense that I have to take Calvin’s responsibilities for, which is a big responsibility. I don’t know how we’re going to game plan, as far as with the Ravens, what we will
do differently without Calvin in there. Whatever Mike Pettine and Rex (Ryan) put in, I just have to fill that role.

On whether having to play without Calvin Pace last year will help in this situation…

“As you can see, when Calvin did go out, it wasn’t really a big void, I don’t think. Vernon (Gholston) came in and did a pretty good job at that. When Calvin came back, he was training while he was out, and he was ready to go. It’s not like he was injured and couldn’t train. He was there still working out, so he came back and was able to go back to his position. I don’t know how it’s going to work (this season).”

Vernon Gholston

On how the defense will miss Calvin Pace while he is out…
“He’s a key player for us in terms of dropping in coverage and rushing the passer and battling those big, strong guys. At the same time, we have guy that can step in (and) fill that void. It’s not the first time that it needed to be done.”

On what losing Pace means to his playing time…
“You never want to lose a guy, obviously, of that caliber. For me, if it means more playing time or subbing in on a different role, I welcome that opportunity.”

On if he will be stepping in for Pace…

“That directly hasn’t been told to me, but it’s one of those things where I’ve been working at defensive end and all of a sudden, I’m playing rush (linebacker) in the preseason (games). Early on, they talked to me about doing both, so that’s where I am right now.”

On if he feels more confident this season…
“Definitely. It’s the second year in the system so you have confidence in where you’re supposed to be. That’s the biggest thing. It’s all about how you get in there. (Those) are the things that you’re working on now. I moved up to defensive end (and I’m) working on my techniques. (I’m) using these preseason
games to get better.”

On playing in the last preseason game..
“I welcome the work. Rex (Ryan) kind of told me that I’d be out there a little bit, so it’s good work for me. With Calvin being out, I have to step in a little bit more.”

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