Jets Restore Employees Lost Pay

Here is a feel good story from Rich Cimini on  The New York Jets had cut employees pay at the beginning of the lockout.  Today the entire organization was assembled and they were told that all lost wages were being returned.

In the early March, at the start of the lockout, the Jets slashed salaries of all employees in the football operation by 25 percent, with the provision that they would recoup the money if no games were lost due to the lockout. Ryan and Tannenbaum were included in the cuts. Non-contract employees were ordered to take unpaid furloughs.

Johnson delivered on his promise. In fact, one employee said his lost salary was already direct deposited into his account by the time he returned to his desk.

We had been critical of the Jets (specifically Woody Johnson) for doing this originally.  So we are happy that this move was made today, it was definitely the right thing to do.

With the NFL lockout on the verge of ending, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson assembled the entire organization Monday morning in the team’s auditorium and told about 150 employees that all lost wages from the lockout would be returned to them by the time they returned to their desks, according to a person familiar with the meeting.

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