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Time For Rex Ryan To Stop Coaching Through The Media

It is no secret that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan loves to stir the pot in his daily press conferences, using the media as a prop to motivate his team.  Well Rex was back at it again on Tuesday sharing the fact that back up quarterback Mark Brunell took some snaps (6 to be exact) with the first team offense over the past couple of days.  Ryan’s notion is that taking away some of  Sanchez’ snaps would motivate the young signal caller as it did last year when Mark struggled.

I could not disagree more with how Rex Ryan is handling his struggling quarterback as the last thing both Sanchez and the Jets need is to answer questions about Mark Brunell taking snaps.  How about sharing some information about how the team is giving Mark Sanchez additional coaching? How about discussing the extra time offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is spending with Sanchez and the offense in order to get things back in track?  How about taking some of the heat off a struggling quarterback instead of acting like an opening performer at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club ( a great place by the way)?

At a pivotal point in the season I think Rex Ryan should stop creating headlines and focus more on being less of a distraction.  If Rex decides to take a few snaps away from Sanchez, keep that in house and let the young quarterback find his way.  To create a media firestorm just makes no sense to me and only fuels more controversy, which is the last thing Gang Green needs at this point.  I can just imagine the atmosphere inside of MetLife Stadium on Sunday if Mark Sanchez starts out slow.

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