JetNation Interviews Hayden Smith

JetNation had the opportunity this week to talk to Hayden Smith.  For those of you that don’t know, Hayden is new to football and Nick Casale spoke to him about his background, the process of converting from rugby to football and why he decided to sign with the Jets.  You can listen to the audio of this interview by clicking play (bottom).

We do want to thank Hayden for taking the time to talk to us, right as he was moving to the U.S.  Hayden was very professional and seems like he is going to be a solid locker room addition.  Here is one answer that stood out:

Nick Casale:  What made you decide to pick the Jets?

Hayden Smith:  “I was very impressed with the organization itself, the people involved they took a personal approach.  The facilities were outstanding. It was more for me and my situation, I needed a place where I had a good connection with the coaches and the whole staff where I felt like it was going to be a good environment for me to learn the game and progress my knowledge base…”

You can read more about Hayden Smith on our New York Jets Message Board.

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