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JetNation – Week 5 Power Rankings

New York Jets

Here’s the updated JetNation top ten power rankings:

10) Pittsburgh Steelers:

Did anyone think they won’t be in the playoff hunt?

9) Minnesota Vikings:

RB Adrian Peterson is playing like he never injured his knee last season and second year quarterback Christian Ponder looks fantastic (108 for 158, 69%, 6 TDs, QBR 95.5).

8) New York Giants:

They beat the Browns?

7) Philadelphia Eagles:

Quarterback Michael Vick has accounted for 11 Eagles turnovers this year.  Calls for backup Nick Foles?

6) Atlanta Falcons:

Undefeated (5-0), lucky not to be 3-2.  Their schedule gets tougher after the week 7 bye.  Fortunately for the Falcons no team in the division wants to win.

5) New England Patriots:

Number one offense in the league but balanced (165.4, 3rd, yards-per-game rushing).

4) Baltimore Ravens:

Tough tests coming up against the Cowboys and Texans.

3) Chicago Bears:

Two wins on the road in 6 days.

2) San Francisco 49ers:

49ers – 79, opponents – 3, in their past two games.

1) Houston Texans:

Texans had never beaten the Jets (0-5) during their existence, before Monday night.

Knocking on the Door:

  • Seattle Seahawks

 Fallen Out:

  • Arizona Cardinals: Can’t protect their quarterback, giving up 23 sacks thus far.
  • Green Bay Packers: (2-3), Blew a 21-3 lead in a loss to the Colts and have given up 21 sacks this season.




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