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Why Sanchez Won’t Be Benched

Sanchez bench

Seems likes since the trade occurred for Tim Tebow there has been a question about whether or not Mark Sanchez would be benched at some point during the season.  With the Jets sitting at 4-7 and their playoff hopes on life support, after a horrific Thanksgiving night performance against the rival New England Patriots, many Jets fans are asking, “why not just see what another quarterback can do?”

Even though Tebow has fractured ribs fans still feel like third string quarterback Greg McElroy deserves a chance, he did throw a touchdown in the fourth preseason game.  So the question is: “When will the Jets make a quarterback change to Tebow, if healthy enough, or McElroy, so we can see what the team has in them?”  The answer is simple, never.

Why never, because the second you bench Mark Sanchez his career as a Jet is over.  Now some fans may not be upset about this but given Sanchez current contract situation the Jets have to leave the door open on bringing him back in some capacity next year.

This doesn’t mean the Jets won’t look to move Sanchez in the offseason but unless they find a suitor who is willing to take on enough salary to make a move possible, Sanchez will be a Jet next year.

The Jets could draft a quarterback of the future having Sanchez and him battle for the starting job in camp.  This year five rookie quarterbacks have started since the beginning of the season.  It is not improbable that Sanchez starts the 2013 season and gets a quick hook or is just a very expensive backup to the newly acquired rookie the entire season.

The chants will continue and the calls will go out but like it or not, barring injury, Mark Sanchez is the Jets starting quarterback till the end of the season.


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