Playoff Scenarios Mini-Update #2

Well after the 1 o’clock games, the Jets playoff chances have improved with the results so far. The Browns losing officially knocks them out of the running. The Dolphins win keeps them alive barely as they can still get in at 8-8. The Colts loss keeps the easiest scenario alive, in which they lose their last two while the Jets win their last three games. The Ravens loss still puts them into play as they can beat the Jets in any scenario but it won’t really matter because if they lose the division we can’t get in the playoffs without the Colts losing their next two games anyway. It all goes back to not allowing the Bengals to beat the Ravens in the non-Colts related scenario.

For the 4 o’clock games a loss by the Bills and Chargers would knock them out of playoff contention which does have some impact as the Jets play both teams and either they do it with something on the line or not. Of course if the Steelers beat the Cowboys both teams are knocked out anyway but the Jets would be better off if that doesn’t happen.

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