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JetNation Pre-Training Camp Power Rankings – Part I (1-10)

New York Jets

The following is JetNation’s pre-training camp power rankings;

Part I (1-10):

1. Baltimore Ravens: To be the champs you have to beat the champs. The Ravens lost players like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Dannell Ellerbe but Ozzie Newsome is the best executive in the NFL and will have the Ravens in the hunt for another Championship.

2. San Francisco 49ers: Last year’s Super Bowl participants one/two but even with the loss of receiver Michael Crabtree to injury the 49ers can make a return trip with the dynamic play of QB Colin Kaepernick within the NFL’s toughest division.   

3. Green Bay Packers: What would this team be without Aaron Rogers?  Not the NFC North champs, which they will be again.

4. Denver Broncos:  The rich got richer this offseason. The Broncos had the second rank scoring offense last year to go along with 52 sacks from the defense.  The addition of Wes Welker along with a weak division means a week one bye followed with a home playoff game again this season.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Made some noise trading for receiver Percy Harvin while adding pass rushers Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett after an 11-5 2012 season.  The Seahawks will battle the 49ers for the NFC West title.

6. New England Patriots: Short term distractions aside the Patriots still have Tom Brady and if he can get WR Brandon Lloyd 900 yards receiving, he’ll get rookie Aaron Dobson the same.  They may need to lean more on their running game but were ranked 7th rushing last year so the offense can survive the growing pains of rookies and injuries of veterans over the long run.

7. Atlanta Falcons: With the Saints in disarray last year the NFC South was there for the Falcons to take.  Only recording 29 sacks, and losing John Abraham’s 10, last year wonder if the Falcons defense can handle some of the high powered offense’s they’ll see but Atlanta is still tough to beat at home in the dome.

8. Houston Texans:  RB Arian Foster, WR Andre Johnson, DE J.J. Watt, drafting of WR DeAndre Hopkins and the addition of veteran safety Ed Reed means the Texans are still stacked with talent.  They are a balanced team and can beat you many ways.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Making the playoffs the past two years as a wildcard the Bengals could take the AFC North.  Marvin Lewis’ defense had 51 sacks last year and the addition of TE Tyler Eifert and RB Giovani Bernard should improve the offense. 

10. New Orleans Saints: Finishing last year at 7-9 with all the “Bounty-Gate” issues facing the team was actually impressive.  Now with head coach Sean Payton back on the sideline and new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan ready to improve upon one of the worst defenses the Saints will be a playoff contender.

Find Part II (11-21) tomorrow, followed by Part III (22-32) the next day.

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