Sanchez To Start Vs Jaguars

Sanchez_Smith_Simms_McElroyMark Sanchez got the nod in the Jets first preseason game against the Detroit Lions.  Many felt that would lead to Geno Smith getting the start, at home, in the 2nd game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jets announced today that Mark Sanchez would be the starting QB against the Jaguars.

Geno Smith has been playing with an ankle injury, that could be a big part of this decision.  Rex Ryan was critical of Geno Smith’s practice on Wednesday:

Rex said the starter of the preseason game this Saturday isn’t necessarily leading the QB competition.  Rex also spoke about the possibility that Geno’s ankle injury could keep him out of the game completely.

This would seem to make Sanchez the front runner to start the regular season at QB.  It is certainly his job to lose at this point.

Jets fans are sounding off on Mark Sanchez in our forums.


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