We Are Not The Jets

JetNation.com LogoHere is a brief Public Service Announcement: JetNation.com is not affiliated with the New York Jets. We are getting flooded with emails, comments and phone calls telling us that we made a mistake in signing Michael Vick. The only problem is that we (JetNation) did not sign Michael Vick.

JetNation.com is an independent New York Jets fan site. The Jets actually starting using the term “Jets Nation” long after we launched this site. We actually own both JetNation.com and JetsNation.com. We decided early on to call ourselves JetNation.

So we would like to thank everyone for reaching out to us and letting us know your thoughts. Feel free to hang out with us and stop by our NY Jets forum to talk football. Just remember, we don’t own the team, so you can’t blame us when the Jets lose.

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