Wilkerson On Davis

Muhammad Wilkerson On Demario Davis…

That’s a guy that always wants to get better each and every day. You can talk to him, he will tell you that himself. He’s always in the room watching film on his own. That’s just a guy being a pro. We are all pros here, that’s just a guy who knows his business, and he’s doing it.
Muhammad Wilkerson, Demario Davis

On how his team can become the number one defense…

We just have to push ourselves. Last year I think we didn’t communicate well on the back end, and this year guys are doing that better on the practice field. We just have to keep pushing each other, and keep pushing ourselves each and every day, and keep plugging in days like we had today on the defensive side of the ball, and we’ll get to the number one defense if we do (what) we did today.

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