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Decker & Marshall Show Up For Voluntary Workouts

OTA's are voluntary, I repeat OTA's are voluntary. Some in the media have been beating the conspiracy theory drum. Saying that Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall missed OTA workouts as a way of protesting Ryan Fitzpatrick's contract situation. Guess what? Both Decker and Marshall missed 3 voluntary workouts last week. They were both at the facility [...]

Jets Offer to Fitzpatrick Reportedly 3 yrs/$24 million

By Glenn Naughton Charles Robinson of sent out a tweet earlier today divulging further details on the contract negotiations between the New York Jets and free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The Jets' current offer is reportedly for a total of $24 million over three seasons. If correct, this answers the question many Jets [...]

Geno Turning Heads on and off Field in OTA’s

By Glenn Naughton   It's an unfortunate set of circumstances for Geno Smith, really.  Here we are, months removed from the 2015 football season, anxiously awaiting the start of OTA's to hear about which players are impressing and which one aren't, then the on-field action gets overtaken by the business side of the game. At [...]

Report: Jets Offer to Fitz at $12 Million for First Year of 3-Year Deal

By Glenn Naughton   Multiple media outlets, including Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post, are reporting that the New York Jets current offer to free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a 3-year deal, with the first season being worth $12 million. This is the closest thing we've seen to "concrete" evidence in regards [...]

Report: Decker Upset With Jets Over Fitzpatrick Situation

By Glenn Naughton   In an interesting twist in the team's contract negotiations with free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, multiple sources are reporting that Jets wide receiver Eric Decker is skipping voluntary workouts in protest. After throwing a team-record 31 touchdowns last season, Fitzpatrick galvanized a previously divided locker room and won [...]

Jets Offer to Fitz at $11 million?

By Glenn Naughton   At this point, we're all too familiar with the seemingly never-ending contract impasse between the New York Jets and free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. As one would expect, neither side has publicly discussed the terms of the deal in regards to what the team is offering, or what Fitzpatrick is demanding. [...]