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The Baltimore Ravens play in the NFC North, playing their home gamnes at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens organization was created out of the ashes of the Cleveland Browns. On November 6, 1995, then-Browns owner Art Modell announced his intention to move the team to Baltimore, citing the inadequacy of Cleveland Stadium and the lack of a sufficient replacement along with his heavy debt. The decision triggered a flurry of legal activity that ended when representatives of Cleveland and the NFL reached a settlement on February 8, 1996. It stipulated that the Browns' name, colors, and history of the franchise were to remain in Cleveland, including past records and the attribution of its Pro Football Hall of Fame players. A reactivated Cleveland Browns team would then begin play in 1999, while Modell's relocated club would technically and legally be an expansion team, the Ravens. The Ravens have won one Super Bowl title, Super Bowl XXXV, in the 2000 season against the New York Giants.

Their record against the Jets is 5-1 in favor of the Ravens.

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