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Cary Blanchard
Robert Cary Blanchard was a kicker for the New York Jets from 1992 to 1993.


Background and college

Born November 5, 1968 in Ft. Worth, Texas, Blanchard graduated from L. D. Bell High School in Hurst, Texas in 1987, and attended Oklahoma State.

NFL Career

Before the Jets

Blanchard kicked for the Sacramento Surge of the World League in the Spring of 1992 before being picked up by the New Orleans Saints. In preseason he was perfect, but the only problem was, the Saints already had Morten Andersen. Blanchard started on the practice squad, was activated to serve as Andersen's back up, but was released.

As a Jet

At this point the Jets had waived the woeful Jason Staurovsky. In his debut, Blanchard kicked 3 field goals and 2 extra points in a 30-21 Jets victory over New England. 'Cary's as advertised, he's very impressive,' head coach Bruce Coslet said. 'His range is 55 yards. He's got a leg like Browning Nagle's got an arm. And he doesn't hook the ball. He hits it straight.' In hindsight, not the greatest compliment.

In two seasons with the Jets Blanchard failed to kick any longer than 47 yards. He was average for the 1992 season, but 1993 wasn't any better. In fact there seemed to be more going wrong than better, with botched kicks (not always Blanchard's fault). Blanchard finished the season missing 4 straight field goals - 3 of them in a crucial 16-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills. The opinion was he would be back for 1994, but then the Chiefs cut Nick Lowery over pay issues, and that was that. Blanchard was cut.

After the Jets

After taking 1994 off, Blanchard reappeared at the Saints training camp but Chip Lohmiller impressed Mora more, much to his disbelief. He signed for Indianapolis and spent 3 years there, making the Pro Bowl in 1996. In 1998 he was cut by Colts coach (yep, you've guessed it) Jim Mora. After leaving the Colts, Blanchard played for the Washington Redskins in 1998, the New York Giants in 1999, and he played his final season for the Arizona Cardinals. He retired after the 2000 season.


Season FG/FGA FG Pct 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Long PAT PAT Pct Pts
1992 16/22 72.7 2/2 2/3 5/7 7/9 0/1 47 17/17 100 65
1993 17/26 65.4 1/1 7/8 4/5 5/10 0/2 45 31/31 100 82
Total 33/48 68.8 3/3 9/11 9/12 12/19 0/3 47 48/48 100 137

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