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I kill small animals, and if you're not careful...YOU!
Bubby Brister spawned under the name Walter Andrew Brister III, was a back up quarterback for the New York Jets in 1995.

Brister was responsible for THE Shovel Pass against the Carolina Panthers.


Background and college

Born August 15, 1962 in Monroe, Louisiana, Brister played quarterback at Northeast Louisiana University.

NFL Career

Before the Jets

Brister was drafted in the third round of the 1986 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brister's career in Pittsburgh lasted 7 years until he was replaced as starting quarterback by Neil O'Donnell. He was then picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles, where he spent 2 seasons with them, and their head coach Rich Kotite He is also legendary for winning two Super Bowl rings for the Denver Broncos by mooching off of John Elway's success. Bubby is undoubtedly a more successful hunter than his NFL career, because luckily, no bystanders have ever gotten the chance to intercept one of his bullets.

As a Jet

In 1995, Kotite became the new head coach of the Jets, and brought Brister along with him, as back up to Boomer Esiason. Esiason was injured and in came Brister. In a game against the expansion Panthers, who were then 0-5, Brister attempted a nice, simple shovel pass to Adrian Murrell, only to see it intercepted by Sam Mills who took it back 36 yards for a touchdown, and inspired the Panthers to their first win in franchise history. "Yeah, I remember that," said cornerback Aaron Glenn, a second-year player when the play occurred. "Honestly, I was laughing. I never saw a shovel pass intercepted before."

It ain't the shovel pass, ok?
In 9 games, Brister completed 93 of 170 passing attempts for 726 yards, with 4 TD's and 8 INTs. He had 16 rushes for 18 yards.

Post Jets career

Brister signed for the Denver Broncos and managed to win 2 Super Bowl rings as a back up to John Elway, then moved onto the Minnesota Vikings before finishing his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, who cut him before the 2001 season. Brister then moved into television with a short career as an analyst before moving into hunting shows. He has honed his skills to such an extent, that he is now considered lethal with most weapons, and it is said that Chuck Norris fears his skill with a crossbow.

Stats as a Jet

    Passing   Rushing
Season QB RAT Att Comp Pct Yds Avg TD INT Att Yds Avg TD
1995 53.7 170 93 54.7 726 4.27 4 8 16 18 1.1 0
Totals 53.7 170 93 54.7 726 4.27 4 8 16 18 1.1 0
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