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Barry Bonds? He just copied me!
Dave Cadigan was a guard for the New York Jets from 1988 to 1993.



Cadigan was born on April 6, 1965 in Needham, MA, and was All-American at the University of Southern California.

NFL Career

As a Jet

Cadigan was the Jets first pick of the 1988 NFL Draft. going eighth overall. Though, as it turned out, the Jets were suckered, as Cadigan had been chemically enhanced. Cadigan played 69 games in 6 seasons, and didn't do too much, to say the least.

Steroid use

Cadigan admitted that he took steroids, for six weeks so as not to be at a disadvantage when the National Football League staged its annual physical tests. In those tests, conducted in February in Indianapolis, Cadigan, a 6-foot-5-inch, 285-pounder, outlifted every other offensive lineman. He also performed the most repetitions in lifting. He outperformed Paul Gruber of Wisconsin, who was the first offensive lineman taken in the college draft last Sunday. Cadigan was the second. "I think I'm better than Paul Gruber," Cadigan said today. "I didn't know that until I competed against him in Indianapolis. I can tell you right now, I was the best lineman." Mike Hickey, who ran the Jets' draft and knew about the test results in Indianapolis, would not comment directly on Cadigan's steroid use. But Hickey suggested that it did not artificially pump up the player.

"Sometimes there's a look to a guy who's on steroids, and he didn't have it,'" said Hickey.

Cadigan was one of only 10 players, of the 330 who took the test in Indianapolis, who showed positive for steroids. Asked why he started using steroids, Cadigan said: "I've been playing football since I was 8 years old. I've been dedicating my life to football. I wasn't going to lose out to someone who took steroids. I'm not going to fall behind." Cadigan said his own use of the muscle-builder, which he described as minimal, did little to change his body-fat content or speed and he said that he stopped after six weeks. He said he had been aware of the fact that coaches "are looking for a low-fat guy." Cadigan said he took steroids only after he and his father, Pat, had researched the subject, then went to a private physician for "low-level doses." His father - a former Boston College defensive tackle described by a U.S.C. official as "Dave's leading cheerleader'" - got his son interested in weight lifting at a young age. For the five years leading up to the draft they read about steroids and visited several physicians to inquire about its effects.

After the Jets

Cadigan then spent a year at Cincinnati, and vanished into the mists of time, probably angry at the fact Bill Romanowski got away with it. Rumors persist that he has however, invented a record player that plays at 330rpm, he's reportedly calling it an anabolic stereo.

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