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Mangini, Eric

Penguinis Mangenious (Commonly known as Eric Mangini) Took over coaching duties for the Jets in February of 2006, shortly after Hermwomanus Edwussius ditched the team for Kansas City. Although he's only been coaching for one year, Mangenious has already put his mark on the franchise by rebuilding a team ruined by former coach Herm Edwards. Mangenious, who came from New England, brings with him lots of football coaching experience as he has learned from some of the best, Bellicheck, Parcells, Crenell, Weiss, the list goes on...

History (prior to becoming Jets HC)

Eric Mangini, despite his young age for a head coach (turning 37 this season), has had a lot of experience coaching in the NFL. In his 12+ years as an NFL coach, he has worked under some of the best and winningest coaches of all time. Bill Bellicheck, Bill Parcells, and Romeo Crenell are just a few of the many succesful coaches that are on Mangini's list of mentors.

First Job

Mangini's first job came at age 24 (1995) working as an assistant with the Cleveland Browns under head coach Bill Bellicheck. Bellicheck liked Mangini for the devotion, commitment, and hard work he showed as both a ballboy and later as a PR intern. His first coaching job was a strength and conditioning/clock management assistant for the Browns. Since then, Mangini has coached on the Browns, Ravens, Jets and Patriots before becoming a head coach for the Jets.

Climbing up the ladder

Since his first job with the Browns, Mangini left to work under Ted Marchibroda when the team relocated to Baltimore and became the Ravens. During his short stay with the Ravens, he worked as a quality control/offensive assistant coach. Holding this position, Mangini learned a lot about the offensive side of the ball as the Ravens averaged nearly 358 YPG in Mangenious's one and only year with the team. The next year(1997) Mangini rejoined with Bellicheck on the Jets. In his (first) three years with the Jets (97-99) Mangini saw good coaching and creative, organized, gameplaning at its best, working under head coach Bill Parcells, defensive coordinator Bill Bellicheck, offensive assistant Al Groh, ST coach Mike Westhoff, as a strength and conditioning, quality control, clock management, and assistant LB coach in his three years with the Jets. When Parcells retired and Bellicheck ditched to NE, Mangini followed and became the LB coach for the Patriots in 2000. Since then, Mangini worked as LB coach, DB coach, and D. Coordinator for the New England Patriots as he, once again, saw good coaching at its best working under head coach Bill Bellicheck, D. Coordinator Romeo Crennell, and Offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss. Since his first job as a ballboy with Cleveland, Mangini has lived the "American dream" of football coaching and has become the definition of 'rags to riches'.

Taking the Jets job

Finally, in February of 2006, the hard work and determination of the Mangenious paid off as he accepted the head coaching job of the New York Jets. In doing so, Mangini took over a team in desperation after the disappointing tenure of Herman Edwards. Many NFL football followers, Jets fans included, saw the hire of an 'inexperienced 36 year old coach' as proof that the Jets ownership wanted to build for the future and enter a rebuilding phrase. Mangini and counterpart Mike Tannenbaum however, had different plans.

Reforming the Jets

Rather than the desperate, out of whack, and hopeless team that everyone else saw the Jets as, Manginious and co. saw a team with a solid, young core. With players and leaders such as L. Coles, J. Cotchery, C. Pennington, J. Vilma, and K. Rhodes, already in place, Mangenious saw a team in need of some cleaning and reloading, rather than complete rebuilding. Right off the bat, Mangini prepared to put his mark on the Jets franchise by releasing key veterans, C Kevin Mawae, OT Jason Fabini, and CB, Ty Law. Who would take their place? Mangini and Tannenbaum were determined to go after the 'core value players', or as Mangini put it, players that "were playing for the name on the front of the jersey more then for the name on the back". These players were 1st round picks OT D'brickeshaw Ferguson, C/OG Nick Mangold, and Free Agent signee CB Andre Dyson. It has been noted that 8 of the 10 draft picks of last year's draft were starters or 'key role players' for the Jets in '06. Also, and most importantly, Mangini held an open camp, and the promised that the best player would play no matter of how acquired. Unlike his predecessor, Hermwomanus, Pengunis Mangenious was serious and stuck to that promise, as evidenced by the success of previously back-ups Jericho Cotchery and Bryan Thomas.

Season of 2006

Due to the collapse of the Jets in 2005, (the jets went 4-12 in '05) expectations were low all around for the season of 2006, Mangini's first year on the job. In fact, most experts around the league doubted the Jets would win more then 6 games in the 2006 season, and many had the Jets winning as few as 3 games. As a result, Mangini and the Jets began shocking fans and NfL experts since their 23-16 Week 1 win over the Titans, a game in which everyone looked good (besides Mike Nugent), and the team seemed together. The biggest shock of last season, however, was the midseason win over Mangini's former mentor, Bill Bellicheck, and his Patriots. As the season progressed, fans and followers regained their confidence in the Green and White, who finished 10-6, earining an improbable playoff berth. The success of the Jets also boosted confidence in Eric Mangini, who was honored by an NFL Coach of the Year nomination and winner of an AFC Coach of the Year award.

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