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I will suck your soul into oblivion!
Rich Kotite is a name that should not be spoken of.

Say it 3 times, and he shall appear, run your team into the ground, and cast your soul into a hell that can only be saved by excessive consumption of Tuna.

Responsible for the arrival of Bubby Brister and infinite amount of nightmares for any sane Jets fan.


NFL Coaching Career

Kotite actually won a few games with the Philadelphia Eagles, until a 7 game collapse at the end of 1994 made them see the light. Leon Hess, in a moment of real insanity, hired Kotite.

The Nightmare years





(Just try and forget them, please. You'll be better off for it.)

Post NFL

Would you like fries with that?
Kotite spent 10 years in the Witless Protection Program. He currently works in the McDonalds in Yaounde, Cameroon.
Preceeded by Jets Head Coach Succeeded by
Pete Carroll 1995 - 1996 Bill Parcells
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