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Scouting The Enemy- Patriots

The Patriots are back in town, and it’s a crucial game for the Jets in their playoff hunt.  The Pats beat the Jets earlier in the year, and they are assured another playoff appearance along with a bye week.  The Pats win consistently for a number of reasons, and let's examine them.   Brady is a [...]

Jets Passing Offense Film Review- Week 15

The Jets won another tough game this week, against the Dallas Cowboys, and stayed in the hunt for the playoffs.  The Jets do need some outside help to get into the playoffs, but most importantly, they need to win the games on their schedule.  Ryan Fitzpatrick did not have his best game, and the offense [...]

Jets are Practicing on Christmas

When you play the Patriots it doesn't matter that it is Christmas week. Coach Bowles released the Jets practice schedule for this week. On what the practice schedule looks like this week with the Holidays… We’ll practice tomorrow (Tuesday). Tomorrow’s like a Wednesday for us, and then Wednesday’s like a Thursday and Thursday’s like a [...]