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JetNation Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back with the JetNation podcast. The Jets are 2 and 9 and they travel to Miami to face the winless Dolphins. Gregg brings up an interesting idea.  He suggests that the Jets might have some holes to fill.    Interesting.  Watch for the "mainstream media" to run with this angle in the offseason. Are [...]

JetNation Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back with the JetNation podcast.  The Jets are 1 and 8 and the season is getting any easier with the Steelers and Cowboys up next. Listen in as Gregg talks about Kellen Clemens.  He also gives us a little behind the scenes glimpse at Jerricho Cotchery.  We talk about high character guys and Jerricho seems [...]

Week 8 Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back with the week 8 podcast.  He talks about the pain we call being a Jets fan.  What has gone wrong with this team?  Why do we always buy in only to have our hearts broken again? Listen as Gregg talks about how the organization refuses to be honest.  They refuse to [...]

Week 7 Podcast

When Gregg Hayim agreed to do the weekly podcast for JetNation do you think he expected 6 losses in the first 7 games?  The only think worse than watching the Jets lose is having to talk about the loss.  Week after week. Gregg discusses the QB situation and todays announcement that Pennington is still the starter.  How [...]

Week Six Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back once again.  He staged a walk out last week but decided to return and honor his contract. Gregg "talks" to a few celebrities on this weeks show and at one point he is told to stop his whining.  If the Jets don't win soon, we will all be whining.   Listen to [...]

Week Three Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back in the NY Groove.  This week he talks about Chad being a leader and looks at the game versus the Dolphins.  Thomas Jones, D'Brick and the Dolphins big mistake before the half. He also takes a look ahead at the game against the Bills.  A game that Gregg calls a 'must [...]

Week Two Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back.  This week he talks about our favorite cheater Bill Belichick. He also discusses Kellen Clemens and takes a look at this weeks opponent, the Miami Dolphins. Gregg also looks ahead at the Jets schedule and have some faith Jets fans, things are looking better as the schedule eases up.