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New York Jets Week 1 Podcast

By Gregg Hayim No more excuses, no more time to waste, the time is now.  As the New York Jets marketing department tells us, "Opportunity has never knocked harder"/ Revis is here and what does he bring with him?  Momentum.  There are no excuses for this football team. Where do we go from here?  Monday [...]

2010 New York Jets Podcast

[podcast][/podcast]Gregg Hayim kicks off the 2010 season with the JetNation preseason podcast.  He talks about two types of seasons for Jets fans: Low expectations This is the year expectations Gregg talks about Darrelle Revis, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets defense and a brand new season.  You can discuss this podcast in our NY [...]

The goal is a championship

You know it is a good year when you are up to the 3rd postseason podcast.  Gregg Hayim is back and he is pumped up.  We have to warn you, he even curses this week. Much like Shaun Ellis came back to the field after hurting his hand, Gregg Hayim overcame great obstacles to record [...]

The NY Jets were born to Run

So says Gregg Hayim in the Podcast.  Make some noise Jets fans, the Jets won a playoff game.  Is there anything better than that?  The 2nd round of playoffs is here and the Jets are getting set to take on the Chargers in San Diego. Conventional wisdom:  Mark Sanchez is the #1 detriment to [...]

Gregg Hayim: I was wrong

Gregg Hayim says he was wrong and he doesn't care.  The Jets are in the playoffs and that is all that matters.  We must warn you, there is a Ric Flair impression in the podcast.  Proceed with caution. A top notch defense doesn't allow a single passing yard.  The Jets don't ask Mark Sanchez to [...]

Gregg Hayim: Don’t Blame the Defense

In the JetNation podcast this week Gregg Hayim talks about the shocking loss to the Atlanta Falcons.  One thing is clear to Gregg, this loss is not the fault of the defense.   He also looks at the reality of having a top defense, a top rushing attack and struggling the way the Jets have. Mark [...]

Week 13 JetNation Podcast

By Gregg Hayim Gregg took a little hiatus but he is back. This weeks podcast looks at the Jets also being back in the game.  At 6 and 6, with Tampa on the horizon, is it time to talk playoffs? How are things going to unfold?  Listen in...

Rip Your Heart Out

Back to life as normal Jets fans.  Misery.  Some things Gregg Hayim has come to expect.   The unexpected never ceases to amaze: Sanchez and the interceptions\turnovers Wes Welker tearing up the NY Jets defense The defense has been a disaster What has Rex Ryan changed This NY Jets team needs to show us something, give [...]