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New York Jets \ Giants Thoughts

Rex Ryan spoke to the media about the Jets\Giants game, the fans and the rivalry in general: On what his interactions with Giants fans are like and if it has been any different this week… There is usually a shoving match or something (laughter).  I love the NFL, and I love the fact that the [...]

Rex Ryan Talks About Darrelle Revis

On Victor Cruz calling out Darrelle Revis… I’d call out a lot more guys—that list would be a lot longer before I would get to Revis. But you know what? That’s good. That’s a competitor. You want to face the best and you’re certainly going to face the best when you face Darrelle Revis. On [...]

Plaxico On Jets vs Giants

New York Jets WR Plaxico Burress spoke to the media today about the Jets \ Giants rivalry: On having a unique perspective on the rivalry… I’ve played in one and it’s just a fun game. The New York Jets versus the New York Giants and it’s a 50-50 kind of crowd and when something good [...]

Mark Sanchez on Tom Moore

Mark Sanchez spoke to the media today about Tom Moore. On Tom Moore staying around for the remainder of the season… It’s been great.  I love having him around.  I thought he was a big help during training camp.  There is so much knowledge with one guy, and so much experience that he can really [...]

Rex Ryan Gives Injury Updates

Rex Ryan - 11/07/11 On Shonn Greene and Dustin Keller’s status… We feel good about them. Certainly, we’ll look at them, make sure that they don’t have any setbacks, but we feel good that they’ll be ready to go. On if he was uncomfortable at all putting Dustin Keller back in the game… No, because [...]

The Jets Talk About the Patriots

The New York Jets talked about the New England Patriots today... Nick Mangold On how the team’s current confidence level compares to what it was last time against New England… We’re doing pretty good, a couple of good wins. Plenty of room to improve, but I think guys are excited about the opportunity. On what [...]

Plaxico Burress – Going to Disney World

Plaxico Burress Interview Transcript On whether heading into the bye week stops the momentum the team has built… No, it doesn’t really stop the momentum. We went out yesterday and got some results from all the things, all the hard work in practice. It’s one of those things where the bye always kind of seems [...]

Randy McMichael: “Their secondary isn’t anything.”

San Diego Chargers TE Randy McMichael was interviewed after the NY Jets beat the San Diego Chargers this afternoon.  A recap appears below, courtesy of the NY Jets PR Department. On the loss… We had them down and we took our foot off the gas.  I’m not giving credit to anybody.  This is our fault.  [...]