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Rex Ryan On The Possible Return Of Jim Leonhard

After the NY Jets OTA session today, Rex Ryan was asked about the possiblility of Jim Leonhard returning to the Jets.  Here is what he had to say... On if signing Bell rules out a return for Jim Leonhard…  I'm never going to say that.  The way Tannenbaum is, Mike is always trying to put [...]

Tim Tebow Talks About Special Teams

Tim Tebow spoke to the media on Thursday and gave his thoughts on playing special teams. On if his situation with the Jets is much different than his situation in Denver… Obviously it is different, a different environment, different people. But as far as going out there and having fun and making the best of [...]

Rex Ryan On On Sanchez And Tebow

Rex Ryan spoke to the media today and gave his thoughts on Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. On what he has seen from Sanchez during the first week of OTAs… Really, since he's come back, he's probably the healthiest he's been.  The first year he had no clue, he was just out there.  But he's [...]

JetNation Interviews Hayden Smith

JetNation had the opportunity this week to talk to Hayden Smith.  For those of you that don't know, Hayden is new to football and Nick Casale spoke to him about his background, the process of converting from rugby to football and why he decided to sign with the Jets.  You can listen to the audio [...]

Namath: I Have Changed My Mind Slightly

When the news broke about the Tim Tebow trade, Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath had some very strong words and he did not bite his tongue.  Here is a short list of Broadyway Joe's quotes against the move to get Tebow. Namath said: He was close to shocked I do not agree with this [...]

Tim Tebow Excited To Be A Jet

The Tim Tebow press conference took place this afternoon at Jets facility in Florham Park, NJ.  It could be described as the Tim Tebow show, Tim was on his own and he handled the media extremely well.  He spoke highly of the Jets coaching staff and made it very clear that he was excited to [...]

Mark Sanchez Transcript (03/09/12)

Opening Statement… SANCHEZ:  Well, thanks, guys.  Again, echoing what Mr. Tannenbaum said about waiting up all night, I appreciate that.  Number one, I want to thank Mr. Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, Coach Ryan.  I know Mike mentioned Jackie and Ari, who did a great job; Dave Dunn at Athletes First, my brother Nick and Andrew Kessler [...]

Mike Tannenbaum Transcript (03/09/12)

Opening Statement… MIKE TANNENBAUM:  Thanks for joining.  I want to apologize for everyone waiting so late.  We had this done about three hours ago, but I had a preexisting personal commitment I just simply couldn't break, and I'm very sensitive to everyone's time and the commitment you make for the organization and covering us so [...]