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Braylon Edwards Interview Transcript 1/20/11

On Thursday New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards addressed the media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On problems the Steelers pose that they haven’t seen in the last two weeks…

“Well, first of all, they have 43 (Troy Polamalu) back. He’s a tremendous player, arguably the best doing it in the past seven or eight years. So having him back is something we definitely had to scout for and study for this week. (The Steelers are) very physical up front. You know, the Patriots have a good team, as well as the Colts, but I don’t think their physicality is anywhere near the Pittsburgh Steelers physicality.”

On whether the lack talk this week is because of the respect they have for the Steelers…

“I don’t necessarily think it’s a respect factor. I think there’s a lot of respect for the Patriots, but it’s a rivalry nonetheless. It’s a hated rivalry. Both cities hate each other when it comes to the rivalry. Players have made it public that they don’t like each other. So you’re dealing with a rivalry, one which is very ugly the second time around. So going into the third game, you’re looking at a chance to not only, you know, (win) the series, but move on in the next round of the playoffs. So I think that’s what it was, emotions, whereas with the Steelers, now we are quieting down and getting back to business and we are focused and we know what this game is about and represents.”

On if the NFL asked them to dial down the smack talk…

“I wasn’t aware of that. If it is (the reason there is less talk this week), I wasn’t notified about it. Rex (Ryan) never said anything about it. I’m pretty sure if it came down from the league, he would tell us something so we didn’t make a mistake and make him look bad.”

On being more comfortable as the season has gone on…

“Like you say, I just feel like I’m at home now. I feel like I was trying to prove myself so much, and I don’t think it was warranted, it was me feeling the need to. I was trying to do everything by the book, with the (one) exception, and be quiet and humble and do everything by the book and just happy to be here and be a ‘rah rah’ guy. That is a part of me, but at the same time, I want to get back to having fun and being comfortable and having swag and feel like I’m a part of the Jets organization rather than somebody trying to fight my way in. Now I feel that way and that’s why I’m playing the way I’m playing and speaking the way I’m speaking, I’m just more comfortable being around (here).”

On being used to being the number one receiver…

“I think as you get older, especially being around the team last year with these guys, we were not always getting passes. Jerricho and myself were happy with four catches for 49 yards, which is strange to both of us. But you learn to lose yourself in a cause bigger than yourself, which is the team. Last year we went all the way to the AFC Championship and we did have a chance, but we lost. So, I think coming back, that was the main goal is getting back to that situation, and doing better this time around. And when you win, everybody gets a piece of the pie, that’s what they tell you when you’re younger, but you don’t believe it until you get older. If we win, everybody will get their just due.”

On returning to the AFC Championship game for second consecutive season and wanting to finish the job this season…

“Definitely. You look at the guys on our team, you look at LaDainian (Tomlinson), he has never been to the next step. You look at JT (Jason Taylor), JT has never been to an AFC Championship Game, and this is year 14 for him. Tony Richardson, last year was his first time, and was in year 15. When you look at that, that’s when it starts to hit you that this is something that’s hard to do. Look at the situation I came from. They have never been to a Super Bowl. So you know, you really take it for granted until someone mentions it to you. We are cherishing this time and we are chomping at the bit to finish the deal this year.”

On if you can have a friendship with an opposing player during the game…

“It’s business. There are probably times during the regular season where guys might be buddy buddy and giddy giddy, but you’re talking about our lively hoods. Santonio Holmes is trying to win another Super Bowl. Ike Taylor is trying to win another Super Bowl. So they have to bury their friendship, pretty much this whole week, and when we are scouting tape, we are scouting his weaknesses. What does Ike Taylor do, and Santonio is on it, and he knows him like the back of his hand. When they get on the field it’s going to be ugly. They don’t care about hurting the other guy. It’s about business. They are both trying to win the championship. So it’s like that.”

On what Jerricho Cotchery is like as a teammate…

“Jerricho, he’s that glue, especially in our room. I could say the whole offense, but definitely in our room. He probably knows the offensive playbook the best out of anybody, including Mark. I mean, he knows where everybody is supposed to be, linemen, tight end, wide receivers. A lot of time I lean on him for advice. I may forget a play or I may not know it all the way, and this is the guy I can lean on. (I’ll ask) Jerricho, ‘Is this a curl route, right?’ and he’ll tell me or he’ll correct me or he’ll correct Tone (Santonio Holmes). He’s just professional, (has the) ultimate class, (he’s the) ultimate team guy, somebody you definitely feel like you can learn from. I feel like I’m a better teammate and player because of being around him and how he approaches the game on a day-to-day basis, (with) how professional he is. He’s a tremendous guy, a tremendous father. He’s somebody that I definitely can say, I want my kids around, somebody I would like to have as a friend throughout the course of my life. He’s just that good of a guy.”

On what Bart Scott’s role is…

“He’s the guy that makes the noise. Every once in awhile he will say something that we can run with. He goes out there and backs up. He’s an old school football player, talks a lot of trash but when he gets on that field, he’s physical, he’s hard core. I had the unjust pleasure of playing against him for four years. In Cleveland, I got hit by him many times and this is a guy I’ve known since high school in Detroit. He’s serious and physical, but everything that he says, he pretty much backs it up.”

On if it was tough on Cotchery becoming the third receiver…

“I don’t know exactly what (Cotchery) was thinking (when he became the third receiver), but if it were me, yes, it would have been tough, so I only can imagine. It probably was tough for him, but that goes into the professionalism I talked about. Never did you see anything change in him. Never did you hear him complain. Look at his body language, he’s (wasn’t) showing that he doesn’t want to practice or showing that he’s not happy with the play calling. He just (goes) out there, keeps practicing hard and keeps blocking and he keeps working with us. Like I say, he’s a guy that I ultimately respect.”

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