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Locker Room Quotes – 11/04/05

Locker Room Quotes 11.4.05

Victor Hobson
On Antonio Gates?
He’s a big receiver. He can block also. He’s just an overall good TE. He’s just a good athlete. Good athletes make good plays. He’s been able to do that throughout his career.

On what Antonio Gates brings from basketball to football?
Just body position. When the ball is in the air, knowing how to go up and get it.

On his role in stopping LaDainain Tomlinson?
I’ll be over him a lot. It’s going to depend on the play. If it’s a pass, I may have to cover him, and it’s a run, just set the edge in the defense so the ball doesn’t get around me. My job is to just make plays.

On defending against a RB like LaDainain Tomlinson?
It’s hard. You just have to be disciplined as a defense. It?s not just one person that’s going to be able to stop him, it’s going to take all 11 guys out there to be disciplined, focus on the keys and execute the defensive game plan that we called.

Jonathan Vilma
On Antonio Gates compared to Tony Gonzales?

They use their body real well, they have good hands, they have good speed, not great speed, but good speed and they run routes real well.

On Gates emerging as the top TE in the NFL?
No, there are too many TE. There?s no one clear cut TE. A lot of teams use them differently. They use (Antonio) Gates different during the games than (Tony) Gonzales or (Jeremy) Shockey.

On being more physical with a guy like Antonio Gates?
You want to be, but they have that illegal touch rule, so you can only be so aggressive against the guy.

On SD record being misleading?
4-4? The other teams must be doing something. I don?t know, the bottom line is they?re 4-4. That’s for them to figure out.

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