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A Win is a Win But….

By Tyson Rauch
As many have said over the years, a win in the National Football League is a win and you take them any way you can get them.  The Jets victory this past Sunday over the Dolphins was just that, a win but a very ugly one nonetheless.    The Jets showed their familiar warts, which included their problems establishing and defending the running game.  In addition the same 4th quarter defensive lapses once again peered through which is just not a good sign. 
The only reason the Jets won this past Sunday is because the Dolphins wide receivers could not hold onto the ball.  There were several plays on the final drive where the wide receivers just did not make a play, which would have definitively changed the game.  So the Jets escape with a victory, bring their record to 3-3 with a somewhat favorable schedule. 
The bottom line is that the Jets are an average team at best and will not be able to beat playoff caliber teams with the personnel and approach the coaching staff is currently taking.  The offensive strategy all surrounds Chad Pennington.  If Chad is not on his game and in rhythm the Jets have no chance to win the game.  The coaching staff works diligently and comes up with creative game plans but the bottom line is if you cannot run the ball, you are not going to win, period.  Smoke and mirrors only can take you so far and will allow you to be competitive against mediocre teams. 
The defense lacks an identity and Jonathan Vilma is being rendered useless in a scheme that is starting to frustrate many amongst the defense.  A lot of this can be attributed to a new staff implementing new systems but it is time to call it like you see it.  The Jets are an average team at best and will need to make some wholesale personnel changes to get to the next level. The Jets could be catching teams off guard with some things early in the season, but the game tape is now out there and those surprises will be gone.  Some are going to call me a downer but then again what would your feeling have been if the Jets found a way to lose to the Dolphins? 
Side notes:
1)      Hawaii Bound – Laverneous Coles is having a monster year and I could not be happier for him.  Where are all those people that were begging to get Moss back here?
2)      There are rumblings that Curtis Martin could be back by Week 12, is it me or does anyone else just want him to come back fresh next year?  Or is this possibly his last hurrah as a Jet?
3)      Brad Smith is a tremendous athlete and it is amazing watching him run around on special teams.  How is it that he cannot be more active on offense?

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