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It’s Showtime

By Tyson Rauch

As the New York Jets prepare to take on the undefeated New England Patriots this weekend they will once again be treated like the doormats of the National Football League. From the ridiculously high point spreads in Vegas, to the butt of jokes nation wide, to the repeated brow beating from the local beat writers. The Jets will be given no chance to even be able to compete with the almighty Patriots. And based on their performances up to this point, does anyone blame the “experts” for being this way?

Well upon taking over the coaching responsibilities of the New York Jets Coach Eric Mangini has preached the core principles for his team. His team would be a smart, disciplined, tough, physical team. His team would play hard, would not quit and would be a team that the fans would be proud of. Well Coach Mangini now is the time to show what your team is made of.

Sure this season has not gone as expected for a variety of reasons. Sure you are starting a very young quarterback behind an offensive line that is still trying to find its way. Sure your defensive unit is still trying to establish an identity with the continuous personnel/formation changes. But the one aspect of your team that can be displayed is their heart, passion and determination. Your team can do whatever it takes to give the Patriots all that they can handle and put out an effort that the loyal fans of Gang Green can be proud of.

Coach Mangini your staff can come up with an aggressive game plan that has the gang green taking chances not being scared of losing. Your team will be the hunters, not the hunted. Your team will bring the fire and energy to the field and battle for 60 minutes against a championship level team. This team of character guys that you have assembled can show the NFL the future of the New York Jets is bright and this season will only be a stepping- stone for better things in the future. This is the game to place your stamp on the New York Jets.

Parting Shots
•    With all of the media attention given to Mike Vick, why was the same not given to Leonard Little who actually killed someone in an alcohol related accident?
•    The Jets Flight Crew started out as a novelty act during games, but this act has clearly worn off and they are now coming off like a high school cheerleading group. Either you want a NFL cheerleading squad or you don’t, but the charade has to stop. You can’t be that cheap can you Woody?
•    Hats off to Chad Pennington for continuing to be a vocal leader on the sidelines, supporting and rooting on his teammates. This guy will always be a class act.

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