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40 Years and Counting…

superbowl_iii_logoBy Tyson Rauch

I would like to take a second to apologize to my family and close friends.  I want to apologize for all of my sarcastic and bitter remarks as they pertain to this week’s Super Bowl.  After some self-evaluation I figured out where it all comes from: January 12, 1969.

January 12, 1969 is the last time that the New York Jets won a Super Bowl…over 40 years ago.  To make matters worse the last time the Jets played in the AFC Championship game was January 17th, 1999, over 10 years ago.  Clearly the lack of reaching the pinnacle of football success has not only impacted my football psyche but my mood in general.

Going forward I vow to not dwell on the 40 years of football ineptitude and will begin to embrace the positive, confident attitude of the new Jets coach Rex Ryan.  I will refrain from repeating the stories of Jets games gone bad and will begin to engage in productive conversations regarding all teams in the National Football League.  Clearly my friends and family are tired of hearing about the “Mud Bowl”, the “Fake Spike Game”, Rich Kotite, Blair Thomas, Browning Nagle, Johnny Lam Jones, and Kyle Brady. I now understand it is not fun listening to stories about how Gang Green blew a 10-0 lead in the AFC Championship game and collapsed in 2000 and 2008 to miss the playoffs.  I will even remove my Doug Brien voodoo doll off of my wall to show how sincere my intentions are.

This Sunday I will sit back and enjoy Super Bowl 43 that matches up the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.  I will put aside any hostility I have towards the arrogant Steeler fans that filled up the Meadowlands last year waving their terrible towels. In addition I promise there will be no mention of the fact that the Jets were playing like one of best teams in the NFL and blew out Arizona 56-35 this year. It is not like I am bitter or anything.

Here is the Jets fan depression hotline.

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