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According to the NY Post, the New York Jets and Giants are hosting a party to help gain support for the upcoming Super Bowl vote.

The Giants and Jets are set to hold a lavish sendoff party this morning at New Meadowlands Stadium for their joint effort to host the big game, a once-unthinkable idea that now appears set to become reality May 25 at the NFL’s spring meeting in Dallas.

We have always believed that this will pass and the 2014 Super Bowl will be held in the new stadium.  The primary reason has nothing to do with the weather objects\ions that are discussed so much.  Sales in the new stadium have been disappointing and the structure sits without a fancy corporate name.  That is the attraction in the eyes of the NFL, helping create interest for the stadium and trying to lure a corporate naming sponsor.

The bid got a huge boost earlier this year when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell endorsed the idea of holding an outdoor Super Bowl in the New York area, and then it became the leading candidate in late February when Arizona dropped out of the running because of the economy.

Tell us what you think about an outdoor Super Bowl in the Northeast; Jets Nation forum discussion thread.

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