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2014 Super Bowl Awarded to NJ

The NFL Owners awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New Jersey today.  The game will be played in new stadium that is set to open this season.  There had been some criticism at the possibility of playing the game outdoors and in the northeast.  The possibility of snow during the Super Bowl left some feeling that the game should be played indoors or in a warm city.

At the end of the day the owners realized that THIS IS FOOTBALL and it is a sport played by men.  If some TV actors are put out by this then so be it. The game will be televised for all those that feel it is too cold to be outside.

The real story here is that the NFL is lending the New York Jets and NY Giants a hand.  By awarding the Super Bowl they are greatly improving their chances of selling naming rights to the new stadium.

Here is how the vote went down according to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk:

The decision came on the fourth ballot. The first try failed to generate 24 votes for any one city. The second vote finished the same, and Miami fell out of the process as the third-place finisher.

On the third ballot, between New York/New Jersey and Tampa, neither got 24 votes.

Finally, New York/New Jersey won with at least 17 votes.

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