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2010 Fantasy Football Rankings

Hello Jet Nation!  This is Fantasy Mike and this is the first of what will be many articles throughout the year giving fantasy football tips and advice.  With training camp around the corner we have created our top 200 fantasy football list while also breaking this down by position.

While drafting in your league, please feel free to use this list as a guide but if you have drafted 2 Rb’s in the 1st 2 rounds you may want to then not just take the highest ranked player but use your discretion to fill your proper roster slots. This also goes for QB, while I am not a fan of drafting a QB in the 1st 2 rounds, if you do, then wait until late in the draft for your backup as the only way he would play is due to a bye week or injury.

With only about 8 RB’s slated for full time duty and out of those 8 there are a few injury questions marks like Turner and Jackson, I would focus on getting a top 5 WR while trying for a Ryan Grant type in the 2nd round. If all full time Rb’s are taken, feel free to stack your Wide Receivers and fill in your Rb’s in the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds because as you saw last year only half of the consensus top 10 RB’s fulfilled their draft status and their turned out to be plenty of high performers at that position late in the draft.

We have also provided auction values based on a 10 team league with $100 salary Cap

Our draft rankings will be updated throughout pre-season as situations change in the NFL so please check back for updates and 2 articles a week during the season.

Fantasy Mike


The complete fantasy football list appears below and here are copies you can download (Top 200, Rankings By Position).

Player Name Team Auction Value
Peterson, Adrian MIN 33
Johnson, Chris TEN 32
Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC 27
Moss, Randy NE 26
Johnson, Andre HOU 25
Gore, Frank SF 23
Rice, Ray BAL 22
Austin, Miles DAL 22
Turner, Michael ATL 21
Rodgers, Aaron GB 19
Marshall, Brandon MIA 19
Brees, Drew NO 18
Wayne, Reggie IND 18
White, Roddy ATL 17
Grant, Ryan GB 16
Manning, Peyton IND 16
Jennings, Greg GB 16
Mendenhall, Rashard PIT 15
Fitzgerald, Larry ARI 15
Jackson, Steven STL 15
Williams, DeAngelo CAR 14
Greene, Shonn NYJ 14
Rice, Sidney MIN 14
Johnson, Calvin DET 14
Colston, Marques NO 13
Brady, Tom NE 12
Benson, Cedric CIN 12
Romo, Tony DAL 11
Jackson, DeSean PHI 11
Mathews, Ryan SD 10
Smith, Steve NYG 10
Smith, Steve CAR 10
Ochocinco, Chad CIN 10
Boldin, Anquan BAL 10
Jacobs, Brandon NYG 9
Moreno, Knowshon DEN 9
Stewart, Jonathan CAR 9
Forte, Matt CHI 9
Rivers, Philip SD 9
Gates, Antonio SD 9
Clark, Dallas IND 9
Charles, Jamaal KC 8
Thomas, Pierre NO 8
Wells, Beanie ARI 8
Addai, Joseph IND 8
McCoy, LeSean PHI 8
Brown, Ronnie MIA 8
Schaub, Matt HOU 8
Cutler, Jay CHI 8
Best, Jahvid DET 7
Williams, Ricky MIA 7
Barber, Marion DAL 6
Jones, Felix DAL 6
Bowe, Dwayne KC 6
Davis, Vernon SF 6
Favre, Brett MIN 5
Jackson, Fred BUF 5
Maclin, Jeremy PHI 5
Ward, Hines PIT 5
Welker, Wes NE 5
Finley, Jermichael GB 5
Celek, Brent PHI 5
Witten, Jason DAL 5
Portis, Clinton WAS 4
Bush, Michael OAK 4
Forsett, Justin SEA 4
Harrison, Jerome CLE 4
Jackson, Vincent SD 4
Edwards, Braylon NYJ 4
Gonzalez, Tony ATL 4
Kolb, Kevin PHI 3
Tomlinson, LaDainian NYJ 3
Hardesty, Montario CLE 3
Tate, Ben HOU 3
McFadden, Darren OAK 3
Nicks, Hakeem NYG 3
Sims-Walker, Mike JAC 3
Floyd, Malcom SD 3
Moss, Santana WAS 3
Wallace, Mike PIT 3
Garcon, Pierre IND 3
Crabtree, Michael SF 3
Meachem, Robert NO 3
Holmes, Santonio NYJ 3
Houshmandzadeh, T.J. SEA 3
Manning, Eli NYG 2
Flacco, Joe BAL 2
Spiller, C.J. BUF 2
Ryan, Matt ATL 2
McNabb, Donovan WAS 2
Bush, Reggie NO 2
Slaton, Steve HOU 2
Bradshaw, Ahmad NYG 2
Hightower, Tim ARI 2
Taylor, Chester CHI 2
Daniels, Owen HOU 2
Maroney, Laurence NE 2
Jones, Thomas KC 2
Sproles, Darren SD 2
Driver, Donald GB 2
Harvin, Percy MIN 2
Cotchery, Jerricho NYJ 2
Knox, Johnny CHI 2
Miller, Zach OAK 2
Shiancoe, Visanthe MIN 2
Winslow, Kellen TB 2
Young, Vince TEN 1
Chambers, Chris KC 1
Mason, Derrick BAL 1
Brown, Donald IND 1
Henne, Chad MIA 1
Foster, Arian HOU 1
Williams, Cadillac TB 1
Collie, Austin IND 1
Britt, Kenny TEN 1
Bryant, Antonio CIN 1
Aromashodu, Devin CHI 1
Bryant, Dez DAL 1
Burleson, Nate DET 1
Hester, Devin CHI 1
Smith, Alex SF 1
Cassel, Matt KC 1
Doucet, Early ARI 1
Manningham, Mario NYG 1
Stafford, Matthew DET 1
Palmer, Carson CIN 1
Sanchez, Mark NYJ 1
Freeman, Josh TB 1
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT 1
Garrard, David JAC 1
McGahee, Willis BAL 1
Smith, Kevin DET 1
Johnson, Larry WAS 1
Jones, Julius SEA 1
Gerhart, Toby MIN 1
Breaston, Steve ARI 1
Evans, Lee BUF 1
Berrian, Bernard MIN 1
Washington, Nate TEN 1
Williams, Roy E. DAL 1
Royal, Eddie DEN 1
Henderson, Devery NO 1
Walter, Kevin HOU 1
McCluster, Dexter KC 1
Thomas, Devin WAS 1
Gaffney, Jabar DEN 1
Cooley, Chris WAS 1
Carlson, John SEA 1
Boss, Kevin NYG 1
Miller, Heath PIT 1
Olsen, Greg CHI 1
Keller, Dustin NYJ 1
Shockey, Jeremy NO 1
Watson, Benjamin CLE 1
Heap, Todd BAL 1
Scott, Bernard CIN 0
Torain, Ryan WAS 0
Washington, Leon SEA 0
Snelling, Jason ATL 0
Avery, Donnie STL 0
Thomas, Demaryius DEN 0
Murphy, Louis OAK 0
Robiskie, Brian CLE 0
Jones, Jacoby HOU 0
Owens, Terrell BUF 0
Williams, Mike TB 0
Schilens, Chaz OAK 0
Massaquoi, Mohamed CLE 0
Jones, James GB 0
Tate, Golden SEA 0
Avant, Jason PHI 0
Bell, Mike PHI 0
Hasselbeck, Matt SEA 0
Campbell, Jason OAK 0
Orton, Kyle DEN 0
Leinart, Matt ARI 0
Taylor, Fred NE 0
Ward, Derrick TB 0
Hamilton, Lynell NO 0
Buckhalter, Correll DEN 0
Morgan, Josh SF 0
Lynch, Marshawn BUF 0
Westbrook, Brian PHI 0
Norwood, Jerious ATL 0
Dwyer, Jonathan PIT 0
Choice, Tashard DAL 0
Coffee, Glen SF 0
McKnight, Joe NYJ 0
Jennings, Rashad JAC 0
Ringer, Javon TEN 0
Moore, Mewelde PIT 0
Jackson, Brandon GB 0
Jenkins, Michael ATL 0
Cribbs, Josh CLE 0
Hartline, Brian MIA 0
Bennett, Earl CHI 0
Thomas, Mike JAC 0
Robinson, Laurent STL 0
Bess, Davone MIA 0
Davis, Fred WAS 0

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