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Serby: Q&A With Jason Taylor

Steve Serby of the NY Post has a Q&A with Jason Taylor of the New York Jets.  Taylor was asked if he was concerned that some Jets fans will never forgive him for being on the Dolphins.

Q: Are you concerned that some Jets fans will never forgive you for hating them as a Dolphin?

A: You can’t please everybody in life. . . . If they come around, great. If they don’t, well, I’m sorry.

Some words of advice Jason, give the fans a little more time, sign a ton of autographs and sack the quarterback. Often.  Repeat these steps as necessary and your popularity in NY will not be an issue.

Another interesting tidbit pertains to the transition that Taylor’s children are making:

Q: How are your children (Isaiah, 7, Mason, 6, and Zoey, 4) adapting from being Dolphin fans to Jets fans?

A: (Isaiah and Mason) couldn’t be happier. Somehow, some way, they became Yankee fans in South Florida. They want to go up there and see some Yankee games. They have Sanchez jerseys already and they talk about (LaDainian Tomlinson).

You can read the whole transcript on the NY Post site and here is the thread in our New York Jets forum to discuss it.

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