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Eating and Drinking: SUNY Cortland Edition

Last year JetNation asked Raquel Phair what Jets fans could do when they were in town for training camp.  We thought it was worth reprinting now, with camp opening up today.

JN: Thanks for joining us Kel.  We know that you are a recent graduate of SUNY Cortland and we wanted to get some information from you about the new training camp home of the NY Jets.

RP: To start Cortland is a complete dump and we all find it hilarious that the Jets are training there.

JN: People are laughing at the Jets, well that is a first.  Alright let’s get to the good stuff.  What can Jets fans do when they are nearby?  Places to eat and drink?  Jets fans love a party.

RP: Here is a list of the places I know and they are all right on Main Street except two which are right off main street and real close by:

The Dark Horse– this is the most popular bar in Cortland and right on Main St. The downstairs is a lot of fun and always has good drink specials. This bar gets crowded and isn’t that big. The upstairs is where everyone dances but let me warn you it is rough up there and one should only go up there if you are incredibly intoxicated.  Most Friday and Saturday nights they have a 3 or 5 dollar cover.

Next door is a bar/restaurant named Harry Tony’s– this is one of my favorite places to eat. They have really good pizza and it’s one of the nicer bars in Cortland. It’s much more laid back and quiet compared to the rest of the bars.

Right across the street is:

Woodman’sPub: This again is a lot of fun. It’s a typical college bar that gets pretty crowded but nothing is that special about it except their vodka lemonades (they are my fav!)

Down the street a little way is a country bar I cannot remember the name. It was new my senior year so not too many people went there. I can’t say much about it because I think I went there once. All I know about it is they do have a really big menu of shots that people love and people eat peanuts and throw them on the floor, lol.

Next to that is Lucky’s: This is a fun bar as well. It has open mic night and is more laid back with pool tables. Less college kids go here it’s more for musicians.

Two seconds up from Lucky’s is Central Ave that has two really great bars:

Central City is the best restaurant to eat at. It has really great wraps, salads, and burgers. This place is pretty new so it’s really nice inside and the bar has 30 beers on tap.

Next to central city the Red Jug:
This is a place I went to a lot. It has a lot of beer on tap and the bar is definitely the biggest Cortland has. It does get really crowded but it is a really good time. Wednesday is trivia night and Thursday is pitcher night which is buy a pitcher and you get one for free.

Back down Main Street the other way is a bar called Tavern: This is a serious townie bar. Very small and kind of gross but it has the cheapest drinks in Cortland. Thursdays they have $10 bracelets which includes 5 drinks.

Across the street from tavern is Stone Lounge: This is by far the nicest place Cortland has to offer. It has a small patio outside and is very nice. There is usually a cover on Friday and Saturday and the drinks are the most expensive. It has really nice couches all around and plenty of places to sit and hang out and it and has a huge dance floor that makes it a lot of fun.

The jug, woody’s, and dark horse all offer “t-shirts”- this is a lot of fun! Each bar works a little differently but you pay 25-30 dollars for a crazy amount of beer and if you drink it all you are given a t-shirt. It sounds a little silly but people do them all the time and they are a really good time if you get a few people to do it with you.

JN: Wow Kelly that is a lot of places to drink.  Did you do any studying at Cortland?

RP: No comment.

JN: Okay enough beer, where can we get something to eat?

RP: There isn’t much:

The Deli Downtown has really good sandwiches and is right on Main St.  Pizza and more is the most popular pizza place and is right next door to the Dark Horse.  As I mentioned Uncle Tony’s and Central City are really good.

Down Tompkins Ave about five minutes there is an Applebees and A&W which is a place you stay in your car and order from that’s pretty good as well.

JN: Thanks again Kel.  On behalf of Jets fans everywhere we will be on our best behavior.  We promise.

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This Article Was Written By Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

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