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New Meadowlands App to Offer Instant Replay, Statistics on Your Phone

by Tom Sullivan: JetNation Contributing Technology Correspondent

For many years, the Jets have not offered many instant replay worthy plays at Giants Stadium. Dropped passes, end zone fumbles, and third and long run plays were the modus operandi of team. But just as the 2010 season brings us a hint that this isn’t the Same Old Jets, 2010 also brings us word that the new stadium isn’t the Same Old Meadowlands.

According to a report in the New York Times, the New Meadowlands stadium will offer an application for smart phones, allowing fans at the stadium to watch on-demand instant replay, look up game day statistics, and even check the line length for the bathrooms and concession stands. Now you can maximize your time in your seat during Santonio Holmes’ home debut (Week 5 against the Vikings) and play arm chair referee when the Dolphins waste a time out challenging Kyle Wilson’s pick of Chad Henne (Week 14).

The smartphone application is one part of a $100 million investment in technology in the New Meadowlands Stadium. Among other amenities are 2,200 television screens, providing 48,000 square feet of viewing surface, stadium wide, and 500 wireless antennas blanketing the stadium in coverage. No word if the technology investment also includes those crazy Dyson hand dryers in every bathroom.

Once released, functionality will be rolled out to the application throughout the season and is reportedly free. Aside from the generic smartphone moniker, there’s no confirmation on what phone platforms the application will support. Once you leave the stadium, the application will redirect you to the team website (so don’t expect home bound instant replay). In the future, you can expect the ability to participate in real time games and contests with other fans in attendance. You can also expect a full review and information, here on JetNation, when the application is live.

With the expectation that the on-field Jets are going to be providing more replay worthy moments this season, I’m excited to see how the New Meadowlands Stadium will use technology to enhance the game day experience.

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