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Jets On Hard Knocks: Episode Three

Another week of Hard Knocks has come and gone.  Still no sign of Darrelle Revis.  He was mentioned briefly at the end of the show as a lead in into the Nick Mangold signing.

One thing stands out above all else after three episodes.  Mike Tannenbaum is not a funny man.  He needs to play to his strengths at stop trying to be funny.  We won’t even recap his jokes.  He is a brilliant GM and works a contract like no other.  He needs to stop with the jokes though, it isn’t who he is.

A large part of this weeks show was devoted to the Special Teams.  Mike Westhoff can be rough and seems to be on par with Rex Ryan in the potty mouth category.  He told David Clowney that he would cut him on the spot if he blew coverage on Special Teams.

Here are some highlights from Jenny Vrentas (

  • Speaking of, we’d like to have a direct feed from Ryan’s headset every game. How does he really feel about the third-team defense? “Some of these guys cant play dead in a B-Western.” Oh, and he did tell John Fox the game looked like a pillow fight.
  • Woodhead may or may not make the roster, but he has all the respect of his teammates, who joke that he would have been a Hall of Famer in the 1950s: “It would have been like, man, LT runs just like Danny Woodhead used to,” fullback Jason Davis says.
  • RB Chauncey Washington, he of the crushing hit on the punt return, won the game ball last Saturday.

Here is another excellent recap from Tim Graham at ESPN:

Next to the team’s official depth chart, Tannenbaum scrawled out the number of players they plan to keep at each position, with the caveat they can adjust for special teams.

Offense (25 players):

  • Three quarterbacks
  • Five running backs
  • Five wide receivers (including Santonio Holmes)
  • Four tight ends
  • Eight offensive linemen

Defense (23 players):

  • Six defensive linemen
  • Four outside linebackers
  • Four inside linebackers
  • Five cornerbacks (I think because I couldn’t make out the abbreviation)
  • Four safeties (I think for the same reason)

Add a kicker, punter and long-snapper, and that’s 51 players, leaving two special-teams spots for everybody else to fight over.

The show suggested the bubble players were running back Danny Woodhead, fullback Jason Davis, receivers David Clowney and Larry Taylor, tight end Matthew Mulligan and linebacker Lance Laury.

Coming up next week:

  • Brian Schotteneimer with his family
  • Camp is over, practices at Florham Park
  • HBO is praying and hoping but mostly praying for some Darrelle Revis footage

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