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Jets On Hard Knocks: Episode Four

Another episode of Hard Knocks just aired on HBO and it was a frustrating one to watch for New York Jets fans.  The prevailing themes of this episode were money issues and lack of team leadership.  If the Jets have leadership issues look no further than this list and the players that the Jets chose to waive.

Thomas Jones: Was a team leader of offense last season and he was let go in a cost cutting move this past offseason.

Alan Faneca: There was plenty of talk about diminishing skills.  Yet in an uncapped year, why wouldn’t you bring Faneca into camp and let one of the young guards (Slauson, Vlad) try to beat him out?  Another cost cutting move.  This episode showed that they guards lining up to replace Faneca are raw.

Laveranues Coles: He was waived this week but Rex Ryan spoke highly of him.  Definitely gave the impression that they wanted to bring him back in week 2.  This is yet another cost cutting move.  By bring Coles back in week 2 they don’t have to guarantee his veteran minimum salary.

Kellen Clemens: The Jets wanted him to be the 3rd QB this season.  Yet they told him they would waive him if he didn’t agree to restructure his contract.  He outplayed Kevin O’Connell by a wide margin this preseason.  Were the Jets willing to gamble a 500k savings at the QB position?  Yes he is a backup (3rd string) but does 1999 ring a bell for anyone?

Rex Ryan gave a speech and chastised the team for their lackluster attitudes and asked for leadership.  During the practice at Hofstra the defense thought it was a good idea to eat cheeseburgers.  Life rule # 62, when Santonio Holmes tells you it is a bad idea, it is a really bad idea.

With the team being as close to the Super Bowl as they were last year it is just frustrating to see money be such an issue.  Granted you can’t cave in and pay players whatever they want (Revis) when they are currently under contract.  But anyone who thinks the Jets aren’t having cash issues right now just isn’t paying attention.

Woody Johnson was nowhere to be found during any of the money talk.  He did chime in with this timeless bit of football wisdom, “You have to play good 100% of the time.  You can’t blow it.”  Somewhere Leon Hess just realized that clean toilets aren’t all that important.  Playing good is what matters.  Who knew?

Highlights from this show:

  • Tony Richardson is the leader of this team.  As impressed as they are with John Conner, they gave the impression that T-Rich has a roster spot locked up.
  • Mike Pettine on Bart Scott, “there is a difference between passionate and stupid”.
  • Apparently offensive coordinator Baby Schott realized this week that the offense has to, “have fun” and that is the key.
  • Jason Taylor has no sense of direction.  He got lost going to the Redskins game (at home) and was late for the practice at Hofstra.
  • Several players were shown as they were told they were being waived: Rodrique Wright, Aundrae Allison, Marcus Henry, Kevin O’ Connell as well as Coles.

The final episode airs next Wednesday night and will be interesting to watch.  The final cuts will have been made and players on the bubble like David Clowney, Launch and Danny Woodhead will know their fate.

What did you think of the episode?  You can comment in our NY Jets forum, here is the discussion thread.

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