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Final Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings

Hello Jet Nation!

Here is the last preseason rankings and comments section before we finally start this NFL season.  I will list who I think will be overvalued based on their Average Draft Position as well as undervalues players, who I think can outperform the same.   Let’s get to it;

The Overvalued List:

  • Maurice Jones Drew-ADP-4-Way too many red flags on his knee to take the 1st round chance.
  • Calvin Johnson-ADP-19-Let’s see him stay healthy for 16 games, better bets at WR in this spot.
  • Larry Fitzgerald-ADP-20-His Td’s masked an average yardage year and no Kurt Warner spells doom.
  • Desean Jackson-ADP-28-The new dink and dunk QB will not give him those easy long Td’s we used to see.
  • Wes Welker-ADP-31-While he looked ok in preseason, he came out and said his body is at best 70% of what is was pre surgery.
  • Cedric Benson-ADP-32-I am not a believer after one good year, I can see a breakdown coming.
  • LeSean McCoy-ADP-37-The games he got to start last year made the game seem way too big for him.  He is not an every down back.
  • Joseph Addai-ADP-45-His Td’s covered up an awful YPC 3.8, his upcoming free agency will have the Colts move Donald Brown into the #1 back by mid-season.
  • Vernon Davis-ADP-52-No TE in NFL history every had a jump of 10 Td’s in one season, he comes back to earth this year
  • Brett Favre-ADP-84-With no Rice and already issues with his ankle, this is finally the end.

Here is the undervalued list:

  • Javid Best- ADP-38-I am all in on him and can see him ending up as a top 20 player.
  • Jermichael Finley-ADP-68-He will put up WR2 numbers, and unstaoppable force at TE
  • Michael Floyd-ADP-62-The #1 WR in SD will put up Vincent Jackson like numbers and did so at the end of last year.
  • Cadillac Williams-ADP-87- He is a #1 RB with an undrafted FA behind him.  Two years after surgery, I can see at least 12 quality games.
  • Thomas Jones-ADP-94-He seems to be a favorite of Todd Haley and no way will Charles hold up.
  • Derrick Mason-ADP-102-He is not a sexy pick but is very consistent
  • Mike Williams TB-ADP-128-He is the #1 WR in TB and has a ton of talent, only reason he was drafted late was he was kicked off his college team, does not matter now.
  • Jacoby Jones-ADP-126-He is now ready to make that jump and become the WR2 in a pass happy offense.
  • Dexter McCluster-ADP-145-All he did was make plays in college, his 15 touches will be better than some players 25 touches.
  • Bernard Scott-ADP-161-As per above, I don’t see Benson lasting the year, he will be the 2009 Jamar Charles like for your fantasy playoffs.

We have also provided auction values based on a 10 team league with $100 Salary Cap.   The ranking are based on 10 yards per point for rushing/receiving, 1 point per 25 yards passing and 4pt per TD thrown.

You will see no kicker or defenses, it is pot luck and as a fyi, there is no preseason top ranked defense who has finished in the top 10 in the past 10 years

After week One we will have our 1st list of free agent pick-ups.

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