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New York Jets news and notes

1) Jets make roster moves- On Tuesday the New York Jets announced the following moves:

Waived- WR Patrick Turner (does this signal the return of Coles or Clowney as the WR depth is a little light)

Released– LB Ricky Foley and S Donovan Warren from the practice squad

Signed- RB Chauncey Washington, LB Cody Brown, and DT Jarron Gilbert to the practice squad

2) Brodney Pool still out of practice– Safety Brodney Pool continues to miss practice which is starting to become a concern with the first game on Monday.  Definitely an injury to keep an eye on.

3) Revis speaks after first practice- Here are some quotes from Darrelle Revis after his first practice, courtesy of the New York Jets.

On returning to practice…
“It felt great. I was able to get out there today and just work.”

On how he felt after practice with his conditioning…
“I actually felt good today. Its just the speed of the game and some other adjustments and the playbook. (I’m) just trying to do my job. I think that’s the best thing, not force things out there and take things slow.”

On his performance in practice today…
“I had a couple of (pass breakups) today and then I dropped a pick. I bobbled it, it hit me in my helmet and I was looking for it and couldn’t find it, but I got a couple of (pass breakups) today and it felt good to get my hands on the ball.”

On his reaction to how his teammates received him…
“It was great. This is a close locker room. We always joke around and have fun with each other. I just appreciate them so much, for just accepting me and waiting for me when I came back to the team.”

On expecting the Ravens to target him Monday night…

“I think Monday night the Ravens will (come after me), because I haven’t been in camp, I haven’t been playing football for a while. I’m sure that’s in their game plan. They might mix a couple of receivers in there. First down, they may have Anquan (Boldin) or somebody else in to run a go on my side if they get me a little bit tired.”

4) Sanchez excited to get the season started- Quarterback Mark Sanchez addressed the media today and here are some quotes courtesy of the New York Jets.

On how hungry the team is…
“We’re just excited to get on the field, Monday night (at) the new stadium. It’s everything you could ask for. We have a strong squad and we’re playing against another great team, so we’re going to have our work cut out for us. I think we’ve prepared well, but this team is very excited. We’re ready to play.”

On Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis…
“He’s done so well in the run game, being able to come down hill and being able to cover as well as he does, too. He’s been in the league for so long, many people would see him as a weak spot in coverage, but he’s not. He does a good job of getting up underneath routes (and) being in the right spot when he drops. I think he’s one of the best at stopping the run, so we’re going to have our work cut out for us at fullbacks, running backs, offensive line and protection. He’s one of those guys who can change the course of a game, so we respect him quite a bit and we’re excited to play against him and compete with him.”

On how similar the Ravens defense is to the Jets defense…
“There’s similarities, but they’re not as much mirror-images as people might think. There’s a lot of other influences there (in Baltimore) with Coach Harbaugh coming from Philadelphia (and) with (linebackers coach) Coach (Dean) Pees. They have their own wrinkles, and I’m sure there’s things they haven’t done in the preseason that they’re saving for the regular season, not specifically us, but in general. We’ll see quite a few looks, and they have the athletes to play those different schemes, so we’ll have our work cut out for us.”

On the pressure on him to help this team be successful…
“I think, most important, it’s about reminding yourself that you have guys like Braylon (Edwards) and Jerricho (Cotchery). Braylon’s worked so hard this offseason to be a dependable guy and a guy that knows the system. He’s always in the right spot. J-Co (Cotchery), I can lean on him all the time. Dustin (Keller) has had a great camp (and) he’s ready for the season. The offensive line will keep your jersey clean. They really take the pressure off of you. So when you think about that way, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, don’t try to do too much, and be ready to be the point guard. Get the ball out of your hands and take care of it.”

On being more familiar with the offense…
“It’s so much better because even early in the week now, we run through a few of these plays so many times so Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) is not even saying the initial shift, motion and formation. I got it. I know the protection. I know what matches with what certain plays, knowing certain protections. It’s so nice to have that memorized, instead of just fumbling through plays trying to think about any possibilities. We run certain combinations (that) could be any protection, depending on the formation (and) the shift. Now, we have it down to what we want on third-and-short, third-and-long, red zone and goal line. It’s just very familiar.”

On if he’s going to talk to Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard or Coach Ryan about facing the Baltimore defense…
“Absolutely. (I) already (have). We’ve talked to all the coaches that have been on the Ravens staff. Anything they can tell us personnel wise and scheme wise (helps). At the same time, they’re not going to do the exact same thing they’ve always done, so we’ll take what they say with a grain of salt and understand that they can change too. It’s good information.”

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