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Jason Taylor ready to make plays for the NY Jets

When the Jets signed Jason Taylor the thinking was that he would help the defense generate a pass rush.  The injury to Calvin Pace changes that vision as Taylor is going to be asked to do a lot more within the defense.  On Saturday Jason took the time to answer a few questions.  Here are his comments courtesy of the New York Jets.

On how he feels going into his first game as a Jet…
“Normal. Regardless of the team you’re playing (for) or playing against, it’s another opportunity to play a great game. The excitement (for) week one is always high. You’re ready to go and eager to get kicked off. This (situation) is no different.”

On if he feels comfortable replacing Calvin Pace…
“Yeah, I feel great. It’s the same thing I was doing before Calvin got hurt. It’s the same thing. You’re just doing it a few more times. It’s really not that big a deal. I know some people don’t think I can’t do it anymore (and) there’s a million different things being said, but that’s fine.”

On how good the defense can be…
“Well, they were pretty darn good last year, (but we) have a lot of areas that we (can still) improve on. We have goals and I think it’s never been a real secret as to what our goals are. Everyone’s very open about it. We want to be the number one defense, and it starts Monday night with a good showing and a great effort against Baltimore.”

On when his shoulder started feeling better after the offseason surgery…
“For everyday life, it was (better) about a month (after surgery). Good for football, that was not until June, probably. I didn’t do any of the OTA stuff. I kind of stayed out of practice. Although I thought I could’ve went and wanted to go, the trainers and Coach Ryan kept me back a little bit, which was probably the smart thing to do. Coming into training camp, I was very comfortable with getting it hit and falling on it. I haven’t had an issue (with it). It feels great. I should’ve (had the surgery) four years ago.”

The signing of Jason Taylor rubbed many Jets fans the wrong way, but the fact of the matter is that he is a Jet now and the defense is going to need him to play well.  Hopefully the former defensive MVP has something left in the tank.

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