Nick Ferraro Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings (Week 3)

By Nick Ferraro

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

People were wondering if the Steelers could make it through Big Ben’s suspension.  They’re doing much more than just making it.

2. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts defense is the issue as in most recent years.  The question, as usual, is can they be good enough to complement the offense?

3. New York Jets

Games two and three make you wonder who was playing offense in week one for the Jets?  If this team can score 20 points every week, they will probably have home field in the AFC for the playoffs.

4. Atlanta Falcons

Sunday’s win in New Orleans was as big a victory for the Falcons franchise as they’ve had since their super bowl run in ’90-’91.

5. New Orleans Saints

“You have to be sound in the kicking game.”  The champs are probably not going to allow their kicker to decide the outcome on Sunday against Carolina.

6. Chicago Bears

The Bears may have been gifted a win on Monday night, but they’re undefeated, and they don’t owe anyone any apologies.

7. Green Bay Packers

The Packers can point directly to the penalties; the return they allowed Devin Hester; and the fumble in late stages of Monday’s game as why they are no longer unbeaten.

8. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens seem to have as many questions as answers right now, but they have to be respected.

9. Tennessee Titans
The Titans may be undefeated were it not for having to play Pittsburgh.

10.  Philadelphia Eagles
Moving to Vick at quarterback was one of the best coaching decisions in a long time in this league.  You can make a case that this team would be 3-0 if he was under center to start the year.

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