Nick Ferraro Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings (Week 6)

By Nick Ferraro

1. New York Jets
The Jets need to develop a killer instinct on offense.  Settling for field goals let the Vikings have a final possession for the win when they never should have been close.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers
Big Ben will debut for the Steelers at home against the Browns.  That’s not a bad way to get your season underway.  This is probably the last unbeaten team in the league if he were starting when the rest of the league did.

3. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have stepped forward as the NFC’s best team. They may have just stood still while the rest of the conference took a big step backward, but it looks the same.

4. Baltimore Ravens

A trip to New England isn’t as daunting as it once was.  The Ravens are very capable of winning on Sunday and probably should if they deserve this spot in the rankings.

5. New England Patriots

Sources are confirming that Deion Branch is not Randy Moss.  I’m not sure what the thought process is currently in New England.

6. Indianapolis Colts

It wasn’t the most convincing win the Colts have ever had, but it was a win over a previously unbeaten team.  The Colts and Saints both fall into the same category after five weeks: teams that need “something”.

7. New York Giants

The Giants quickly went from the bottom of the division to the top in terms of power rating.  This week they get a scrimmage at home against the Lions.  They face Dallas twice over the following four weeks and will have a chance to effectively end the Cowboy’s season.

8. Chicago Bears

If you have to play without your quarterback, it’s best to do so against the Panthers.

9. Washington Redskins

The ‘Skins have wins against Dallas, Philadelphia, and Green Bay, and a loss against the Rams.  It makes perfect sense in this season’s version of the NFC.

10. Philadelphia Eagles

The Birds three wins have come against Detroit, Jacksonville, and San Francisco.  They get the chance to beat a varsity team this week against the Falcons.

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