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Fantasy Football: Start \ Sit

Hello Jet Nation, here is our 2nd installment of the Start/Sit where I think the player will either out perform their average weekly rank or under perform.    We went 9-5 in the Start category and 7-5 in the sit category, not bad but hope to improve as we move on;

Let’s get started;


  • Troy Smith-Avg-25 At home against n overated TB defense
  • Vince Young-Avg-21-Did anyone see that Wash defense Monday night?
  • Matt Cassel-Avg-20-Coming off a 460 yard game and playing the Cards at home.
  • Mark Sanchez-Avg-14-This is his week as Houston is the worst pass defense in the league
  • Chester Taylor-Avg-48-He is being worked in more and more.
  • Donald Brown-Avg-44-He is looking at the #1RB and the Pats defense is very up and down.
  • Justin Forsett-Avg-37-I can see them trailing and his pass catching will get him the points.
  • Shonn Greene-Avg-30-He got 20 carries last week, more than LT again, he is more than a RB3
  • Keiland Williams-Avg-27-My best call from last week and should have another 100 yard total day.
  • Mike Tolbert-Avg-24-Im not expecting Matthews to play so he should vulture at least 1 TD.
  • Patrick Crayton-Avg-50-He is coming back to play the Denver D gives up passing yards by the bunch
  • James Jones-Avg-44-Driver is still banged up, way too low for the Wr2 on the Packers.
  • Mike Thomas-Avg-42-Good week before the Hail Mary, he is now the #1 Wr on the Jags.
  • Lance Moore-Avg-40-He is in the top 10 in red zone targets
  • Nate Washington-Avg-35-Another repeater, I see at least a td in playing the Skins.
  • Santonio Holmes-Avg-20-Getting more and more targets


  • Joe Flacco-Avg-10-Carolina actually has a good pass defense and with a blowout coming, don’t see large numbers.
  • Matt Ryan-Avg-11-He is a much different player on the road
  • Adrian Peterson-Avg-2-The Packers defense will take him out of the game and make the old man beat them.
  • Arian Foster-Avg-7-With Schaub hurt, he should only see 8 man fronts.
  • LT-Avg-15-As you can see above, I see more of Greene than LT coming this week.
  • Knowshon Moreno-Avg-17-Had his 1st big game of the year last week but if they get blown out early his touches will be minimal.
  • Jahvid Best-Avg-23-he is still living off week one, if he could not do well against the Bills, he won’t do well here.
  • Joe Addai-Avg-26-Do not take the chance on this banged up RB
  • Andre Johnson-Avg-3-With the QB banged up he may have a long day with Dan O.
  • Reggie Wayne-Avg-4-This is off reputation and not performance, he has been barley above average all year.
  • Larry Fitzgerald-Avg-12-Justa hunch the Derek Anderson kills another day.
  • Mike Wallace-Avg-15-I can see Pitt getting back to the basics and less passes.
  • Brandon Marshall-Avg-22- Here is another guy living off his rep.
  • Hines Ward-Avg-27-Even w/o the concussion, he is having a year on pace for 600 yards.
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Mike Dietrich

Mike Dietrich is the fantasy football columnist for JetNation.


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