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Breaking down the numbers: Jets vs. Pats Part 1 Offense

The Jets are less than a week away from their prime time showdown with the New England Patriots.  Lets take a look at how these two AFC powerhouses rank offensively in the NFL.

Yards per game

NE (13th)- 349 yards per game

NYJ (11th)- 361 yards per game

Points per game

NE (1st) –30.4 points per game

NYJ (10th) -24 points per game

Passing yards per game

NE (12th)- 236 yards per game

NYJ (18th)- 213 yards per game

Rushing yards per game

NE (16th) – 112.5 yards per game

NYJ (2nd) – 148 yards per game

Time of Possession

NE (28th) –28:20 minutes per game

NYJ (4th) -32:50 minutes per game


NE (2nd) +11

NYJ (7th) +7

Sacks allowed

NE (4th)- 15 allowed

NYJ (7th)- 19 allowed

QB hits allowed

NE (3rd) – 35 allowed

NYJ (2nd)- 33 allowed

Based primarily on the numbers you can see that both teams do an excellent job of protecting their quarterback and limiting turnovers.  The time of possession results come as no surprise as the Patriots tend to rely on the passing game to move the ball, while Gang Green utilizes the ground and pound philosophy.  The only surprising statistic that jumped out to me was the New England’s #1 ranking in points scored.  The Patriots have lumped up some teams (Dolphins, Lion, Steelers) while Gang Green has played several tight games (the shutout  to the Packers sure kills the #s as well).

Wednesday- Break down of the defensive numbers

Side note: I love the fact that the Jets have taken the actions speak louder than words approach this week.  This allows the team to remain focused at the task at hand without adding any fuel to the fire.

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