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Breaking down the numbers: Jets vs. Patriots – Part 2 Defense

As the Jets/Patriots showdown moves one day closer lets take a look at how the teams rank defensively.

Total Yards allowed per game

NYJ (3rd) – 296 yards per game

NE (31st)– 399 yards per game

Passing Yards allowed per game

NYJ (12th) – 210 yards per game

NE (32nd) – 288 yards per game

Rushing Yards allowed per game

NYJ (4th)- 86 yards per game

NE (16th) – 110 yards per game

Points Allowed per game

NYJ (4th) – 17 points per game

NE (22nd) – 24 points per game


NYJ (12th) – 24 sacks

NE( 22nd) – 20 sacks


NYJ  (28th) – 7 interceptions

NE (4th) – 15 interceptions

Forced Fumbles

NYJ (15th)- 10 forced fumbles

NE ( 32nd) – 4 forced fumbles

As expected the New York Jets defense ranks statistically better than the Patriots in most of the categories.  Of course games are not won on paper, so once the lights come on Monday night anything can happen.

Gang Green’s defense has been taking some heat as of late for their lackluster performances, while the Patriots young playmakers are starting to find ways to shut down their opponents.  It will be interesting to see which defense will be able to get pressure on the opposing quarterback.  This has the potential to be a very close game and it may come down to which defense can make a big play to solidify the victory.

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