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New York Jets playoff scenarios

Even though the blowout loss to the Patriots still resonates it is time for Jets nation to move on to the final quarter of the season.  With four games remaining Gang Green continues to have one of the best records in the AFC and could possibly clinch a playoff spot this weekend.  Here are the scenarios:

1) NYJ win + SD loss or tie + JAX loss or tie  OR

2) NYJ win + SD loss or tie + IND loss or tie  OR

3) NYJ tie + OAK loss or tie + SD loss + IND loss

So while everything may seem like doom and gloom, when was the last time the Jets could clinch a playoff spot in week 14?

News and Notes

1) No Jets to the Pro-Bowl? Based on the recent numbers released by the NFL, not one Jet is the leading vote getter at their position (fan vote).  Some interesting leaders:

Center: Jeff Saturday -Colts

Cornerback:  Nnamdi Asomugha – Raiders

Offensive tackle: Andre Whitworth -Bengals

Guard:  Eric Steinback –  Browns

The overall leading vote getter is Mike Vick 729,838 votes, followed by Peyton Manning 691,146, and Tom Brady 623,074

To vote for your favorite players go to

2) Rex buries ball- Rex Ryan made headlines on Wednesday as he buried the Patriots gameball in order to show the team that everyone is moving on.  While this makes for a good story, I would rather hear about how Ryan caught the players attention with a physical practice.  The Jets were manhandled and as a team have not been playing crisp for about 5 weeks now.  I think it is time for a wake-up call before things get out of hand.

3) Jets will not defer on kickoff- On Wednesday Rex Ryan stated that if the Jets won the opening coin toss they would take the ball instead of the usual deferring.  The thinking is that by getting the ball first, the Jets offense will get on track sooner.  Not for nothing but to me this is pure silliness.  The fact of the matter is that the Jets as a team have been starting out slowly.  The defense is having problems getting off of the field in the 1st quarter, while the offense looks like it is stuck in the mud.  It all comes down to having the team prepared coming out of the tunnel and not relying on halftime adjustments to save the day.

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