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Should Sal Alosi Be Fired?

A sporting event at any level will almost certainly have one thing in common, poor sportsmanship.  In youth sports the kids have the importance of good sportsmanship drilled into them over and over again.  Then some coaches and many parents don’t follow their own advice and act out in ways that contradict the words they stress.

The NFL tries to give the impression that they are the gold standard of sportsmanship.

  • Excessive celebrating after a touchdown?  That is a personal foul with a 15 yard penalty.
  • Taunting an opponent?  That is another personal foul.
  • If you are guilty of a helmet to helmet hit or a flagrant penalty, it may cost that player thousands of dollars.

This is what makes Sal Alosi’s actions so much more disturbing.  Football is a violent game without any help from outside forces.  If you haven’t seen Sal Alosi tripping Miami cornerback Nolan Carroll here is the video.

The question is what disciplinary action should be taken against Alosi?  He has already released a statement apologizing for his actions.  Should the Jets fire him?  Suspend him?  Do nothing?

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This Article Was Written By Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

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