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Indianapolis Colts HC Jim Caldwell Interview Transcript 1/4/11

On Tuesday Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell addressed the New York media.  Here is the transcript courtesy of the Jets.

On how much of a guide last season’s game against the Jets is since both teams have changed…

“It obviously still serves as a reference point just in terms of how we played one another at that particular point in time. You can’t glean a whole lot from it because of the fact that things have changed (and) personnel has changed. Therefore, you have to make adjustments. They’re doing some things now that they like a little better than they did last year and we may have one or two (different) things here or there. You can look at it from the standpoint of a good solid team but nothing else beyond that.”

On Peyton Manning saying that it’s felt like being in the playoffs for the past four weeks…

“Obviously, we had to win. There’s no question about that. I kind of likened it to a 2-0 basketball game we played a youngster on the playground and you played make-it, take-it. You had to keep winning to stay on the court. That’s the way in which we were looking at things, in that regard. It took a great effort by our guys and they worked extremely hard and focused, and we were able to string a couple (wins) together.”

On if he needed to rely on Manning’s leadership…

“One of the things around here is I value veteran leadership. I don’t think there’s any question about that. Last year, we relied on Peyton, Jeff Saturday, Ryan Diem, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Gary Brackett, Antoine Bethea, guys that have been around, Justin Snow, Adam Vinatieri, the list goes on and on. I rely very heavily on those guys just in terms of helping to set the tone around here. I think that’s something that they’ve been accustomed to doing, although the circumstances changed somewhat because we were in a situation where we had to win ballgames. They approached it the same way (as) true professionals, calm, steady and focused.”

On why they have had success against Rex Ryan defenses…

“I can’t answer that question for you. I can say every year is different. I think this year is a completely different set of circumstances with two different teams and everyone has to go out and prove themselves. He’s one of the great defensive minds in this business and we’re going to be challenged and I know our guys are prepared for that.”

On Donald Brown…

“Donald has really come along. Earlier in the season, he was really nursing a few injuries here and there. He wasn’t quite himself. As the season went on, he just got healthier and healthier. Obviously, towards the end of the season, he’s running with a lot of zest and he’s doing a great job in terms of pass protection. He has a better understanding of what’s required of him. He’s becoming a more complete back, in terms of pass protection while running and also, obviously, carrying his load when he’s called upon to carry the ball. I think you see him developing a little bit more and he’s showing a little more patience and I think that’s reflected in certain increases in terms of his yardage.”

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